What Games Until Spring

January 24, 2007 by

So we’re after the mad holidays and you want some games for the 360. Well here are some interesting titles coming soon:

Lost Planet(already released)

Crackdown(February 20th)

Guitar Hero 2( March)

Battlestations: Midway(January 30th)

Bullet Witch(February 27th)

Just wait until you see the Spring-Holiday lineup. Oh my.


Over Half of 360 Owners Did Not Own Xbox

January 24, 2007 by

A new interesting statistic has come out showing that over half of current 360 owners did NOT own an Xbox 360. This bodes well for Microsoft as that means that PS2 customers(such as myself) are picking up the console for one reason or another.

Mass Effect Box Art Revealed

January 24, 2007 by

Here it is:

The game is expected to release… sometime in 2007.

GRAW 2 Delayed For PS3

January 24, 2007 by


According to Ubisoft, GRAW 2 for PS3 will not hit the PS3 at the same time the game hits the 360 and PC. Reasons are most likely for development not being on schedule. The game is scheduled to hit the 360 and PC in Spring, and also expected to be highly successful as the original GRAW for the 360 is nearing 2 million titles sold. It is unknown how long the game has been delayed.

Gears Sells 3 Million

January 24, 2007 by


Gears of War hit a benchmark today being the first next gen game sold independently to hit 3 million copies worldwide. The game was top selling in November and December and looks to continue to sell 4, 5, possibly even 6 million copies. The software sales of the 360 has been very promising with Gears of War selling more so far than any Xbox game sans Halo. The game just launched in Japan with excellent reviews from Famitsu and apparently sold out there as well. Look for it on shelves now.

Blue Dragon In June?

January 24, 2007 by

Microsoft has been struggling in Japan, but Blue Dragon very briefly had a bright moment when about 80,000 Xbox 360s were sold in one week due to the launch of this game. Although the game is still not moving tons of hardware units in Japan, the game got very high reviews and is important in diversifying the 360’s lineup. Published by Microsoft as a 360 exclusive, Blue Dragon will probably be on North American shelves by June.

Galaxy Christmas? MP3 and MK: A online?

January 22, 2007 by

Well for a very slow weekend we have some exciting Wii rumors for you. Coming from the South African Gaming Network are these juicy rumors:

Alright first up, perhaps the most anticipated Wii game for 2007, is that promises of Mario Galaxy in the spring are not going to be kept. The game will be pushed back to Christmas 2007…

The first Wi-Fi enabled game for the Wii is going to be the New Metroid for which will be coming sometime between April and June. Finally, cannot wait! According to the employee the Infrastructure for the Wii online is ready, so it is rather disappointing that they are taking so long to implement such a system. Not everyone at home plays games, such as half my family. The Internet lets you join up with “gamers” and play the game to its fullest. I believe that this is not Nintendo’s fault though but rather the developers not wanting to opt for the option!

Finally the best for last, or rather the rumor that if true could change the beat em up genre, Acclaim is secret;y working on Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Online for Wii. What a game this will be, All in all, we are pretty sure about the first two and the third one is still very much an Uber Rumor!

Ooh let’s go over. Now it would be kinda dissappointing to see Galaxy pushed back to Chrismas but think about it. Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy hitting up holiday season 2007. Hell that duo there is bigger than any game duo out there. One could come out in November and the other in December. That would be the killer APS Nintendo needs to end on a good year.

But now let’s look at the mid year. If Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was the first online game to come that would be fricking sweet. Seems that Nintendo will be opening their online this Spring. I mean I would definetly agree that the 1st 2 rumors are true because why else would Metroid have been pushed back. To be the first game with online and I hope it’s true. But notice the wording on all this once again. The first to use Wii’s online infrastructure. I’m really starting to think that Pokemon Battle Revolution wasn’t using that infrastructure but let alone just on it’s own server or what not.

The final rumor is one that ties in with another we just had that Mortal Kombat Armageddon for the Wii will be online enabled this April. Just ignore the Acclaim thing as it was either a typo or misconception.  Ooh definetly some good rumors to keep the weekend flowing. Let’s hope word on all this come soon. In the coming months will be interesting to hear from Nintendo when they finally start to talk about their online gaming network. And with this lineup going into 2007 it’s going to be a great year for Nintendo.


Sonic and the Secret Rings IGN Blowout

January 20, 2007 by

IGN has done a blowout of hands on talk, screens, and video.  They are becoming very excited over the title and think the graphics are definetly a step up.  Also they say the gameplay is really bringing it back to the old Sonic series that we all loved and new and the controller is working well.

Sonic and the Secret Rings Hands On

Sonic and the Secret Rings Screens

Sonic and the Secret Rings Videos


Capcom Confirms Keiji Inafune Title

January 20, 2007 by


We heard a while back that he would indeed be working on a title but neve got an official confirmation.  Yet now Capcom has confirmed that the creator of Dead Rising and Lost Planet is hard at work on a Wii title.  Guess he got tired of 360 eh.



MK: Armageddon Wii Rumor

January 20, 2007 by

Just a lot of juicy Wii rumors lately eh.  This one is definetly going to turn a few heads. Check it:

Hot on the heels of their recent press release confirming that MK Armageddon has in fact shipped more than 1 Million copies worldwide since its release last october Midway has confirmed the European release date as Friday 15th March 2007.

Promising to use the intuitive contol system on Wii, MK Armageddon looks set to be a smash hit. It will be the first title to utilize Nintendos Online System and the first fully fledged fighter to be released on Wii in the Pal territory. A nice position for Midway to be in indeed.

Well now that seems great.  So in Europe it’ll release in March so that means here in America will probably release at about the same time.  But it’s the online thing that has me going.  This could be huge not only for Midway but fans as well.  How to make a title that hasn’t sold well on Nintendo consoles before.  Give it the 1st fully fledged use of online to them.  That would really help them out.  If true then Nintendo is really doing good at restoring old ties.

But I like the wording of first to utilize the Wii’s online system.  I thought Pokemon Battle Revolution was.  Did I miss something here or was that game more along to fit the online aspects of the DS because it ties in so well with Pearl and Diamond.  I guess we’ll find out soon.



Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Rumor

January 20, 2007 by

We’ve heard it all about this game at least in rumors.  But this one takes the old rumors and completely flips it around.  This one is suggesting that UC isn’t a sidestory of all the games but an actual chapter in the series:

– The Bio Hazard series on Wii is NOT a side story game, it is a main stream series game
– Story is straight after Code Veronica (so Code Veronica -> BH Wii -> BH4 -> BH5)
– 3 main characters
– Jill is confirmed, 2 others still not confirmed
– Rumour is that Wesker is the other unconfirmed character
– Game system follows BH4

Well now I dont’ know which I like better.  I was kinda happy that it would go throughout all the games filling in story but this would definetly be good then.  I seriously can’t wait for this game just as much as I can’t wait for RE5.  Wish RE5 would come to Wii also but I can always dream.



EA Thinking about VC

January 20, 2007 by


The big game company that is EA is starting to evaluate the possiblities of the Virtual Console.  Definetly would give a lot more support to the VC:

“EA brings to the table a huge line-up of classic retro games… now we’re just evaluating the business opportunity (on bringing classics to the Virtual Console).” – EA Online VP Chip Lange

Sounds good to me.  But EA what do you have to lose.  You let out a bunch of shitty games all the time for actual games so why not bring out your best classic titles to the VC that most will buy.  Come on EA nothing to lose.



Bionicle Heroes Wii Blowout

January 20, 2007 by

We all new the game was announced for the Wii but nothing about the version was really letout.  Well here is the 1st blowout of info and screens.  Check out the press release, screens and CVG interview:

Eidos Interactive, one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, and TT Games, the makers of the BAFTA Award winning LEGO® Star Wars™ series, today confirms its first LEGO adventure to arrive on the Nintendo Wii™ console: BIONICLE® HEROES, will be released this Easter 2007.

BIONICLE HEROES brings to life the most powerful and exciting BIONICLE characters ever seen in one game, in an action-packed world of adventure and discovery.

Take control of the heroic Toa as they battle against the dastardly Piraka for the ‘Mask of Life’ across the mysterious island of Voya Nui. The Nintendo Wii™ Remote and Nunchuk give the player ultimate control as you learn to master the skills and weapons of all your favourite heroes.

The Nintendo Wii version comes hot on the heels of the successful launch of BIONICLE HEROES on PlayStation™ 2, PC, Nintendo Game Boy Advance™, Nintendo DS™, Microsoft 360 and NINTENDO GAMECUBE™ (NTSC only).

“We’re delighted to be able to bring BIONICLE HEROES to a platform as innovative as the Wii. The unique control mechanic will provide a completely new gameplay experience and will immerse the player even further into the world of BIONICLE.” said Scott Dodkins, European Managing Director for Eidos Interactive.

BIONICLE HEROES will be available on Nintendo Wii from Easter 2007.


How will the game take advantage of the Wii Remote?

Valentine: The freedom the Wii Remote has given us with the controls for Bionicle Heroes allows us to bring the player into the world in a way we simply could not accomplish on the other formats. The Wii version allows the player to explore the island of Voya Nui using the Wii Remote to operate the camera and the Nunchuck controller for movement and strafing.

You can also use the remote to fire weapons by using the trigger. It’s this sense of exploring in three dimensions that the Nintendo controllers give the player.

Is this a brand new game for Wii?

Valentine: Bionicle Heroes on Wii is not a brand new game, however controlling the game with the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck makes this a different experience to the previous Bionicle games.

What makes the franchise so popular in your opinion?

Valentine: The Bionicle action figures have a unique, edgy design and a classic good vs. evil fiction. They are very collectible because new heroes and villains come out every year in sets of six; and they’re affordable and come in attractive canisters. Of all the LEGO franchises, Bionicle seemed to be crying out for a video game, especially with such cool characters as the latest Toa Inika and Piraka.

Tell us a little about the game?

Valentine: You play as a hero who can take the form of any of the six Toa Inika through collecting masks that can be found in the levels. As the hero, your role is to rid the Bionicle world of Voya Nui from the villainous Piraka who have taken over.

It’s basically a shooter for kids with an easy control and aiming system. Everything that you shoot breaks into LEGO pieces and these are collected to purchase upgrades between levels. LEGO can be broken and re-formed in the levels so players get to feel as though they are playing with it.

Any multiplayer options?

Valentine: There’s no multiplayer. Bioncle Heroes is a single player game.

Interview Link




New SSX Blur Video

January 20, 2007 by

The EA exclusive snowboarding Wii game has got a cool new video.  This game is really starting to shape up.



Sales Analysis: Xbox vs. X360

January 19, 2007 by

With all the hype surrounding the 360 it’s hard to go back and jsut look at what it’s doing better than the Xbox to get this hype. In this exclusive in depth sales analysis I will go over all the details in comparing the sales aspects of the 2 consoles into really how much better, or worse, is the 360 doing compared to Xbox in same time period. Note I may also do these for others in these comparisons which could become plentiful. So enjoy the inside look:

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Sonic and the Secret Rings Info

January 19, 2007 by

Let’s be real.  Sonic the Hedgehog for 360 and PS3 was apsolutely atrocious.  Mainly cause of the core gameplay and design was god awful.  But a very good outlooking title, Sonic and the Secret Rings, may show that Sonic can get better and move amazingly into the next gen.  With a release date for the Wii this March it has looked better and better the more we find out about it.  Now for all our people waiting some new details have arisen that show the core features of the game:

Game will feature 10 levels, 5 of which are listed below

-Sand Oasis
-Dinosaur Jungle
-Evil Foundry
-Levitated Ruin
-Pirate Storm

Sonic now has customizable skills. It is said that there are somewhere around 100 skills that Sonic can learn. Skills range from how Sonic handles, to his moves, to special abilities. Sonic holds 4 rings that allow for 500 points worth (each) of skills. Experience points are earned through the main game.

One new move slows down time through a soul meter. This move is much like the speed up move we saw in various trailers, but with an opposite outcome.

40 multiplayer games

Each level has 10 missions such as stealth attack, rampage, chain challenge, beat the clock, and more.

Man looks great.  Wish could have been more than 10 levels but the multiplayer definelty has a lot.  And with more things to do on each mission could take you awhile.  Sounds very depth filled.  But really where this game goes right is back to the core gameplay of the beginning of the franchise and this is fast one way speed action.  The only RPG like Sonic game that has ever worked was the Sonic Adventure series.  But why we all loved Sonic was the fast pace action and most have a feeling this game will bring that back.



Australian Q4 2006 Hardware Sales

January 19, 2007 by

According to GFK and IGN they have Q4 2006 sales of the consoles in there.  Here’s the list:

DS- 151,922 
PS2- 122,639
PSP- 55,850
Wii- 51,744
X360- 45,036

Seems like DS, like the rest of the world, owned the charts.  Within the 3 months of the quarter managed to sale 150k.  Pretty beastly.  PS2 still stays strong with 120ik.  PSP just edges out Wii, which got 51k in a little more than 3 weeks.  And surprising 360, which was out all 3 months, lost to the Wii this quarter.  Very intriguing.

Wii as we know on it’s launch day beat the 360’s launch record and is as of now the fastest growing console in Australia so far.  360 set another record in being the quickest to 100k which was done in 7  months for the 360.  Wii has halfed that in 3 weeks.  Shall be no problem.  Overall the 360 has sold about 130k consoles total in it’s 9 months in Australia.  DS with this strong month is closing in on 500k in the country in little under 2 years.  While in 7 years the PS2 has sold close to 2.2 million consoles in the region.  Will be interesting to see how this market goes.  Of only about 21 million in the country sales there are pretty beastly percentage wise.  I’ll keep you posted on sales here.



PS3 Ships 1 Million To Japan

January 17, 2007 by

Well if there’s any surprises ever to me recently it’s how Sony is somehow shipping these many consoles.  As of today, 1/16, Sony has shipped 1 million consoles to Japan.  2 weeks after they were supposed to do it but with slow sales in Japan, especially when you can find them anywhere in the country, it makes me wonder how.  Who’s still overstocking their stores with PS3’s.  Whatever the case as of the end of the week before this only 500,000 PS3’s had been sold in Japan.  And I’m sure that another 500k was sold in one week so hey in Japan if you want a PS3 go get them.  According to Sony they are everywhere.  Compared to Wii though Sony is definetly behind and they are already carrying away with the market.  Sony better catch up.  But if they start getting some big titles out maybe they’ll take a run at it and give Wii a run for it’s money.  And if not then I guess we’ll see a very DS vs. PSP type setting in the console wars for Japan.



DS Owning Germany

January 17, 2007 by

It seems the old WWII alliance has been reunited through Nintendo this time.  Sales of the NIntendo DS in 2006 were 1 milllion which is quite amazing.  Compared to 2005 with 500,000.  PSP just can’t even compare to these numbers as DS owns 80% of the German portable market.  Impressive.  Also Brain Age and Animal Crossing are the 2 best selling software titles there.  And a quick cool note is that 44% of the buyer sof the DS in Germany are women.  Now that’s impressive.



Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 16, 2007 by

Definetly not trying to forget our holidays but Happy MLK day to all.  Not going to get political but Dr. King was a man who promoted peace for all and spent his life trying to spread peace around.  A true revolutionary for what he did not only for the African Americans but the USA as a whole.  So let’s all thank him for his actions on his birthday and what he did for all of us.

I try not to get to political or sentimental on this site but I have respect for this man where he stood up against all odds and society to state what he believed in.  So kudos to Dr. King.


Wii sales 700k in Europe; DS Dominates

January 15, 2007 by

Once again another set of amazing news for the Wii. In 3 weeks also the Wii managed to sale over 700,000 units of hardware in Europe. In Great Britain alone 200,000 were sold. Twilight Princess in Europe sold 500,000 copies while Wii Play sold 320,000 copies.


Pretty sweet. If we calculate up sales of Twilight Princess the title has already sold 2 million copies worldwide in about 40 days on the market. That’s just insane. And is still saling beastly across the world weekly. Also Wii Play has sold over a milllion copies as well while Wii Sports is over 3 million. So definetly good sales their. The Wii in sales has probably sold close to 3.3-3.5 million at the end of 2006. It pretty much sounds like they hit their shipment number but we’ll wait and see.

According to reports the Wii is still going into 2007 on really high demand and still selling out. Wii could possibly start setting records in these months if it gets enough shipments in cause the want is amazing.

Update:  Here is the press release that goes with it also.  It also includes beastly sales of DS which hit 1.7 million in Europe alone in December of 2006.

15th January 2007 –Nintendo’s Wii and DS games consoles topped the must have gifts chart this Christmas, with thousands flying off the shelves across Europe at an amazing rate throughout the festive period. Record-breaking numbers of Nintendo DS and Wii consoles sold out as quickly as they could be restocked, proving that Europeans are embracing Nintendo’s revolutionary new take on gaming.

In the UK, independent sales figures released by Chart Track confirm Nintendo’s Wii and DS games consoles topped the must-have gifts this Christmas, in total almost 200,000 Wii consoles were sold in the UK over the Christmas period. Nintendo DS further cemented its status as the market leading hardware format in the UK for 2006. The total number of Nintendo DS units sold in the UK in December topped 500,000 making it not only the best selling console of any kind in the UK this Christmas – but the best selling console of any kind in 2006.*

In Europe, Nintendo’s consoles have been going from strength to strength over the last few months with the Nintendo DS and Wii accounting for over half of all European video game hardware sales in December.

Two years after its launch Nintendo’s dual-screened handheld console, the Nintendo DS is leading the console market in Europe. Nintendo DS, enjoyed a record breaking Christmas experiencing its highest ever monthly sales since its launch in March 2005, 1.7 million units were sold across Europe during December making it the best selling games console in Europe across all formats, both in December and 2006, by a substantial margin.

Wii also took Europe by storm when it launched on 8th December 2006 and became the fastest selling games console in European history after its first weekend. In a matter of days Wii was totally sold out across the continent. Since launch Nintendo has been continually shipping more stock to retail outlets to meet unprecedented demand from both gamers and non-gamers alike. Despite selling out faster than it could be restocked, over 700,000 Wii consoles were snapped up across Europe in December 2006.

Wii software has performed equally well with more than 500,000 copies of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess sold in December, meaning that over 70% of Wii owners purchased this game. Wii Play has seen similar success with 320,000 copies sold to date, accounting for 45% of all Wii owners and showing that playing together was a priority for over half of Wii gamers thanks to the Wii Remote bundled with the game.

Laurent Fischer, Marketing Director for Nintendo Europe commented:
“We have enjoyed one of the most successful Christmas holidays ever, with both Nintendo DS and Wii selling at staggering rates. The success of our products this Christmas clearly shows that Nintendo’s drive to make gaming accessible to everyone has attracted people of all ages and abilities to the industry. We are facing such high demand for both platforms that unfortunately we are facing stock shortages, however we are doing everything possible to combat this by attempting to deliver both consoles and games to retailers on a daily basis.”

Last week, Nintendo increased its projected worldwide financial performance for the year ending on March 31 to be the best in company history.

Wii launched across Europe on 8th December 2006 and retails at an estimated retail price of €250 (£179 UK) with Wii Sports. Nintendo DS and DS Lite are available across Europe at an estimated retail price of €130 – €150 (£89 – £99 UK).


Wii Sells 50,000 in Australia

January 15, 2007 by

Wii in Australia has been nothing more than a beast since it launched.  In about 3 weeks in the country it sold 50,000 units of hardware probably all being sellouts.  Check the press release:

Melbourne, Australia Jan. 11th, 2007 – In the critical December retail period, the Nintendo DS Lite confirmed its #1 position in Australia, trouncing all competitors in both the handheld and home console market. This is a trend that continued throughout the year, making the Nintendo DS the highest selling games console of 2006.*

This growth was supported by ground-breaking “Touch Generation” software such as Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? and the nintendogs franchise; as well as the strengthening of established franchises with all new Pokemon games and New SUPER MARIO BROS.

This creative and innovative drive came to a climax on December 7th when Nintendo reshaped the home entertainment and video game landscape with the launch of its heralded Wii home video game console.

Once released, Wii officially broke the Australian record for the biggest launch of a video game system in history. In a few short weeks Wii has established itself as the current ‘must have’ item. Demand quickly outstripped supply and although new stock shipments are constantly arriving, the Wii remains a very ‘hot’ item with Nintendo managing to sell over 50,000* units in just 3 weeks of December.

“We promised innovation and creative thinking. We promised to bring gaming to the masses and make interactive entertainment relevant to a broader audience. We promised we would disrupt the industry”, explains Rose Lappin, Director of Sales and Marketing. “I think we have delivered on these promises.”

Pretty amazing eh.  Wii already set the record for best launch of a console their and now it’s just selling beastly.  Also note DS was the best selling hardware in Australia as well.  The GC in Australia only managed to sell about 160k.  I’m pretty sure that the Wii will pass upon that goal easily.



December 2006 North American Sales

January 15, 2007 by

Well I was mistaken.  VGCharts numbers for America is North America not just USA.  So I’ll be giving North American numbers from now on.  If you want to go find out NPD numbers then be my guest but North American numbers help deal with comparing back to shipments and I feel it’ll give us a better look at those kinda things.  So anyways let’s look at hardware:

System/This Month/Total

DS- 1,859,000/10,356,000
PS2- 1,662,500/43,533,500
X360- 1,248,500/5,024,000
PSP- 1,077,000/7,537,500
GBA- 1,008,500/40,167,000
Wii- 725,000/1,272,500
PS3- 554,500/780,500
GC- 170,500/12,488,500
XB- 6,500/15,894,000

Wow quite a month eh.   8.3 million units of hardware were sold this month in North America.  Quite amazing.  DS topped the charts with 1.86 million just barely missing 2 million for this month.  While it goes over the 10 millio mark in America.  PS2 has another strong month but not as strong as it usually has.  Yet still manages to outsell all next gen consoles though Wii and PS3 necessarily have an excuse while 360 doesn’t.  But get to that later.  PS2 has sold 43.5 million units in North America.

360 has it’s first really huge month with 1.25 million sold and gets over 5 million sold in North America.  Yet with enough shipments to get it well over PS2 sales and big games to get it enough sales really 360 has not much of an excuse for still being beat out by a last gen console.  I guess for PS2 to be beaten it has to be beaten by it’s own creator with the PS3.  PSP edged out the GBA for the 1st time in months by 70k.  It has 7.5 million sold total in North America while the GBA passed the 40 milliom mark in North America.  Wii had a little lower month than others expected with 725k.  It has close to 1.3 sold in North America.  Quite a huge launch for the system but surprising that more consoles weren’t shipped to North America.  From the looks of this it seems that 1.3-1.5 million were shipped to North America.  ANd with Japan having to have at least 1.2 million shipped another 1.3 would have to have been shipped to Europe and the rest of the world.  Will be interesting if NIntendo got it but nonetheless had the best launch out of all them.

PS3 got 550k this month with 780k total and with all the units still on shelves, bad hype, and massive shortages for awhile it still managed to best 360’s launch.  So we have finally figured out that 360 did have the worst launch and by a lot.  I’m one of those many people that do think that will come to bite them in the ass later on.    Now onto software:


Rank/Game/System/This Month/Total

1. Gears of War/X360/917,500/2,045,000
2. Guitar Hero 2/PS2/912,000/1,482,500
3. Madden NFL 07/PS2/844,000/3,215,500
4. Nintendogs/DS/840,000/4,102,000
5. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess   /Wii/598,500/1,060,000
6. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess   /GC/597,000/597,000
7. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007/PS2/555,000/953,500
8. New Super Mario Bros/DS/485,000/2,258,000
9. Call of Duty 3/X360/464,000/840,000
10. Yoshi Island 2/DS/462,500/620,500

Well Gears has a good second month which put it at 2 million alone in America.  While Guitar Hero gets 1.5 milllion total through it’s second month in North America.  Madden crosses 3 million and Nintendogs gets over 4 million.  The wii version of Zelda: TP just barely beats the GC version.  The wii version has now sold over a million in America.  That’s about an 85% tie ratio to the console.  Amazing.  Percentage wise it’s the best selling game of 2006.  COD3 for 360 has a good second month and will probably go over a million as well.  While NSMB tops 2 million and Yoshi’s Island has a good second month along with WWE: SvR 2007 for the PS2.

Some other noteable titles are Resistance which hit as the 1st PS3 title on the list at #28.  It sold 250k copies and has a total  of 328k sold in North America.   Madden for the Wii was the second best selling Wii title getting 150k and getting over the 200k mark.   Red Steel sold 128k in it’is second month and is now at 250k total in North America.   Check out VGCharts site to find out a whole listing of software sales for NA this month and check back frequently as they update after as well.

Was definetly a good month for sales.  Alot of Wii games this month sold over 100k which is definetly good.  Also the great sales of Zelda is record breaking at the tie ratio of that game.  With an amazing game comes amazing feats.  Lots of 360 titles also seem to be selling quite well such as Gears, RSix: Vegas, ect yet somehow can’t push the hardware too it’s extents.   The 360 has an amazing tie ratio of 5 games per console yet usually you don’t start seeing things this high in one region until the consoles starts to die down on hardware and increase in software.  But for that to be happening right now is not necessarily a good or bad thing.  It could be good that 360 software is just selling beastly or it could be bad as no new people are buying hardware and the people that own the console are the ones buying software.  We’ll see times to come how that figures out.

Overall DS worldwide was the best selling gaming hardware.  I don’t know the exacts but it sold between 20-25 million this year alone.  When shipments are released we’ll see exactly how much but if shipments reach 40 million by the end of 2006 then this will be one of the quickest selling gaming hardwares of all time.

Out of the consoles PS2 was the best selling console.  Worldwide the best selling game would be a tough one to figure out but my guesses would either be New Super Mario Bros or Nintendogs.  But a very good year and we’re ready to move onto 2007.  Will Wii and PS3 falter the 360’s lead when it hits competition or will the 360 keep going?  Or will Wii turn out to be nothing more than a GC in disquise in the market?  Or will PS3 be stabbing itself in the foot?  Or was 360’s lead merely a disquise of early advantage and no competition?  All these questions will be answered in 2007 and 2008.  Bring on the new years.



Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for Jan 1-7

January 14, 2007 by

Alright now for the first Japanese sales of the new year.  Let’s see who’s New Years Resolutions came true and who’s that didn’t.

System/This Week/Total

DS- 349,750/14,457,000
Wii- 176,000/1,159,250
PSP- 124,000/4,879,500
PS3- 70,500/543,250
PS2- 58,250/21,901,000
X360- 20,500/306,750
GBA- 5,750/16,648,000
GC- 1,250/4,016,750

Well it seems everyone got a big boost.  Actually everyone got higher except PS3.  Poor thing.  But DS comes back and pulls out a monstorous 350k.  It is at 14.5 million in Japan alone.  While Wii goes over the 1 million mark with almost 1.2 million in  Japan alone.  PSP has a pretty big week and is about to get to 5 million.  PS3 gets over 500k so far in Japan.  While 360 just crossed the 300k mark.  GBA seems it’s going to finish right beneath 17 million but a good run in Japan for it.  While GC is about dead now.

Pretty good week.  Always a good week after shortages are over.  Wii and DS numbers will continue to expand when units come as they are still selling out weekly.  Now onto software which was very amazing for Nintendo:

Rank/Game/System/This Week/Total

1. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker/DS/269,500/889,250
2. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/DS/176,250/4,604,250
3. Wii Sports/Wii/165,250/742,000
4. Wii Play/Wii/137,250/665,750
5. New Super Mario Bros/DS/134,500/4,152,000
6. Common Knowledge Training/DS/116,250/1,107,000
7. Brain Training 2/DS/106,250/4,111,500
8. Animal Crossing: Wild World/DS/100,500/4,024,750
9. Kirby Squeak Squad/DS/98,250/855,000
10. Mario Kart DS/DS/78,000/2,044,250

It’s looking very Nintendo this week eh.  DQM: J gets another 270k and next week will probably go over a million.  While Pokemon D&J continues to sell amazing and is nearing the 5 million mark alone in Japan.  While Wii Sports and Wii Play continue to be Wii’s big games both nearing 1 million alone in Japan.  NSMB and Brain Training 2 extend over the 4 million mark while Animal Crossing gets to 4 million.  Common Knowledge Training goes platinum and Kirby Squeak Squad is on it’s way.  And Mario Kart DS returns to get over 2 million.

Other noteable titles are Dragonball Z: Tenkaichi 2 debuted on the Wii today in Japan and got 70,000 in it’s first week.  Zelda: TP sold another 50k and has 340k in Japan.  The 1st PS3 game doesn’t show up until #45 in Resistance which sold 15k and total has sold about 100k.  The best selling game in Japan still for PS3 is Ridge Racer with 110k.  The 1st 360 game doesn’t pop up until #80 with Blue Dragon which has now sold more than 100k in Japan.  Lost Planet hits right behind it with 50k so far in japan.  Definetly not a chart for next gen competition or handheld competition against Nintendo.  I expect this to keep continuing for quite awhile with DS and Wii having the big Japan games to come.


Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for Dec 25-31

January 14, 2007 by

Well they are finally here plust next week’s which I’ll do in a few posts.  But let’s see how all the consoles faired in their last week of the old year.

Console/This Week/Total

DS- 178,750/14,107,250
Wii- 110,500/983,250
PS3- 73,500/472,750
PSP- 72,000/4,755,500
PS2- 42,750/21,842,750
X360- 17,750/286,250
GBA- 3,750/16,642,250
GC- 750/4,015,500

Well Wii and DS drop mostly due to shortages while PS3 gets up a little yet still unable to outsell the Wii.  The Wii ends the year with just under a million sold in 4 weeks while the PS3 in 9 weks can only manage under 500k.  Tisk tisk especially when we know their are PS3’s on shelves.  But obviously they want DS and Wii.  PSP jumps up due to some software and X360 stays normal for itself during holiday season.  And the rest is as usual.  Heres software:

Rank/Game/System/This Week/Total

1. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker/DS/619,750/619,750
2. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/DS/114,750/4,428,000
3. Wii Sports/Wii/98,750/576,750
4. Wii Play/Wii/85,250/528,500
5. New Super Mario Bros/DS/78,500/4,017,500
6. Common Knowledge Training/DS/77,500/990,750
7. Brain Training 2/DS/71,750/4,005,250
8. Animal Crossing: Wild World/DS/55,500/3,924,250
9. Seiken Densetsu 4/PS2/55,500/219,250
10. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops/PSP/55,000/216,750

Well Dragon Quest Monster Joker beasts up the charts with over 600k in it’s fist week.  But did we expect any less.  Pokemon D&P stays up in there and nears 4.5 million just in  Japan.  Wii Sports and Wii Play also keep representing the Wii with both over 500k in Japan.   NSMB hits over 4 million along with Braint Training 2 this week in Japan.  While Common Knowledge training nears the million mark.  And Animal Crossing in it’s 58th week is still up their in the top 10.  It nears 4 million as well.  And PSP keeps it’s Metal Gear game in their while PS2 keeps it’s lone game in their also.  Very Nintendo owned here haha.

It’s looking really good for Nintendo in Japan while not so great Sony and never MS.  PS3 has still yet to have one game in the top 10 and it’s been 9 weeks.  Not good at all.  DS continues to own the country while Wii is following in it’s footsteps.   Alright last weeks I’ll post next to get us all caught up.