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Japanese Hardware Sales- June 11-17

June 22, 2007

Last week’s hardware sales are in:

DSL 118,684
Wii 65,521
PSP 33,359
PS2 11,974
PS3 9,481
Xbox360 7,583
GBM 371
GC 223
GBA 24
DS 0

DS and Wii continue to triump in the land of the rising sun. PSP stays at it’s norm while PS2 continues to outsell PS3 even with Ninja Gaiden Sigma releasing last week. 360 though gets Trust Bell and almost outsells PS2. GB and GC show us what dead is. Software coming soon.




Sales Analysis: Xbox vs. X360

January 19, 2007

With all the hype surrounding the 360 it’s hard to go back and jsut look at what it’s doing better than the Xbox to get this hype. In this exclusive in depth sales analysis I will go over all the details in comparing the sales aspects of the 2 consoles into really how much better, or worse, is the 360 doing compared to Xbox in same time period. Note I may also do these for others in these comparisons which could become plentiful. So enjoy the inside look:


Australian Q4 2006 Hardware Sales

January 19, 2007

According to GFK and IGN they have Q4 2006 sales of the consoles in there.  Here’s the list:

DS- 151,922 
PS2- 122,639
PSP- 55,850
Wii- 51,744
X360- 45,036

Seems like DS, like the rest of the world, owned the charts.  Within the 3 months of the quarter managed to sale 150k.  Pretty beastly.  PS2 still stays strong with 120ik.  PSP just edges out Wii, which got 51k in a little more than 3 weeks.  And surprising 360, which was out all 3 months, lost to the Wii this quarter.  Very intriguing.

Wii as we know on it’s launch day beat the 360’s launch record and is as of now the fastest growing console in Australia so far.  360 set another record in being the quickest to 100k which was done in 7  months for the 360.  Wii has halfed that in 3 weeks.  Shall be no problem.  Overall the 360 has sold about 130k consoles total in it’s 9 months in Australia.  DS with this strong month is closing in on 500k in the country in little under 2 years.  While in 7 years the PS2 has sold close to 2.2 million consoles in the region.  Will be interesting to see how this market goes.  Of only about 21 million in the country sales there are pretty beastly percentage wise.  I’ll keep you posted on sales here.



PS3 Ships 1 Million To Japan

January 17, 2007

Well if there’s any surprises ever to me recently it’s how Sony is somehow shipping these many consoles.  As of today, 1/16, Sony has shipped 1 million consoles to Japan.  2 weeks after they were supposed to do it but with slow sales in Japan, especially when you can find them anywhere in the country, it makes me wonder how.  Who’s still overstocking their stores with PS3’s.  Whatever the case as of the end of the week before this only 500,000 PS3’s had been sold in Japan.  And I’m sure that another 500k was sold in one week so hey in Japan if you want a PS3 go get them.  According to Sony they are everywhere.  Compared to Wii though Sony is definetly behind and they are already carrying away with the market.  Sony better catch up.  But if they start getting some big titles out maybe they’ll take a run at it and give Wii a run for it’s money.  And if not then I guess we’ll see a very DS vs. PSP type setting in the console wars for Japan.



Wii sales 700k in Europe; DS Dominates

January 15, 2007

Once again another set of amazing news for the Wii. In 3 weeks also the Wii managed to sale over 700,000 units of hardware in Europe. In Great Britain alone 200,000 were sold. Twilight Princess in Europe sold 500,000 copies while Wii Play sold 320,000 copies.


Pretty sweet. If we calculate up sales of Twilight Princess the title has already sold 2 million copies worldwide in about 40 days on the market. That’s just insane. And is still saling beastly across the world weekly. Also Wii Play has sold over a milllion copies as well while Wii Sports is over 3 million. So definetly good sales their. The Wii in sales has probably sold close to 3.3-3.5 million at the end of 2006. It pretty much sounds like they hit their shipment number but we’ll wait and see.

According to reports the Wii is still going into 2007 on really high demand and still selling out. Wii could possibly start setting records in these months if it gets enough shipments in cause the want is amazing.

Update:  Here is the press release that goes with it also.  It also includes beastly sales of DS which hit 1.7 million in Europe alone in December of 2006.

15th January 2007 –Nintendo’s Wii and DS games consoles topped the must have gifts chart this Christmas, with thousands flying off the shelves across Europe at an amazing rate throughout the festive period. Record-breaking numbers of Nintendo DS and Wii consoles sold out as quickly as they could be restocked, proving that Europeans are embracing Nintendo’s revolutionary new take on gaming.

In the UK, independent sales figures released by Chart Track confirm Nintendo’s Wii and DS games consoles topped the must-have gifts this Christmas, in total almost 200,000 Wii consoles were sold in the UK over the Christmas period. Nintendo DS further cemented its status as the market leading hardware format in the UK for 2006. The total number of Nintendo DS units sold in the UK in December topped 500,000 making it not only the best selling console of any kind in the UK this Christmas – but the best selling console of any kind in 2006.*

In Europe, Nintendo’s consoles have been going from strength to strength over the last few months with the Nintendo DS and Wii accounting for over half of all European video game hardware sales in December.

Two years after its launch Nintendo’s dual-screened handheld console, the Nintendo DS is leading the console market in Europe. Nintendo DS, enjoyed a record breaking Christmas experiencing its highest ever monthly sales since its launch in March 2005, 1.7 million units were sold across Europe during December making it the best selling games console in Europe across all formats, both in December and 2006, by a substantial margin.

Wii also took Europe by storm when it launched on 8th December 2006 and became the fastest selling games console in European history after its first weekend. In a matter of days Wii was totally sold out across the continent. Since launch Nintendo has been continually shipping more stock to retail outlets to meet unprecedented demand from both gamers and non-gamers alike. Despite selling out faster than it could be restocked, over 700,000 Wii consoles were snapped up across Europe in December 2006.

Wii software has performed equally well with more than 500,000 copies of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess sold in December, meaning that over 70% of Wii owners purchased this game. Wii Play has seen similar success with 320,000 copies sold to date, accounting for 45% of all Wii owners and showing that playing together was a priority for over half of Wii gamers thanks to the Wii Remote bundled with the game.

Laurent Fischer, Marketing Director for Nintendo Europe commented:
“We have enjoyed one of the most successful Christmas holidays ever, with both Nintendo DS and Wii selling at staggering rates. The success of our products this Christmas clearly shows that Nintendo’s drive to make gaming accessible to everyone has attracted people of all ages and abilities to the industry. We are facing such high demand for both platforms that unfortunately we are facing stock shortages, however we are doing everything possible to combat this by attempting to deliver both consoles and games to retailers on a daily basis.”

Last week, Nintendo increased its projected worldwide financial performance for the year ending on March 31 to be the best in company history.

Wii launched across Europe on 8th December 2006 and retails at an estimated retail price of €250 (£179 UK) with Wii Sports. Nintendo DS and DS Lite are available across Europe at an estimated retail price of €130 – €150 (£89 – £99 UK).


Wii Sells 50,000 in Australia

January 15, 2007

Wii in Australia has been nothing more than a beast since it launched.  In about 3 weeks in the country it sold 50,000 units of hardware probably all being sellouts.  Check the press release:

Melbourne, Australia Jan. 11th, 2007 – In the critical December retail period, the Nintendo DS Lite confirmed its #1 position in Australia, trouncing all competitors in both the handheld and home console market. This is a trend that continued throughout the year, making the Nintendo DS the highest selling games console of 2006.*

This growth was supported by ground-breaking “Touch Generation” software such as Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? and the nintendogs franchise; as well as the strengthening of established franchises with all new Pokemon games and New SUPER MARIO BROS.

This creative and innovative drive came to a climax on December 7th when Nintendo reshaped the home entertainment and video game landscape with the launch of its heralded Wii home video game console.

Once released, Wii officially broke the Australian record for the biggest launch of a video game system in history. In a few short weeks Wii has established itself as the current ‘must have’ item. Demand quickly outstripped supply and although new stock shipments are constantly arriving, the Wii remains a very ‘hot’ item with Nintendo managing to sell over 50,000* units in just 3 weeks of December.

“We promised innovation and creative thinking. We promised to bring gaming to the masses and make interactive entertainment relevant to a broader audience. We promised we would disrupt the industry”, explains Rose Lappin, Director of Sales and Marketing. “I think we have delivered on these promises.”

Pretty amazing eh.  Wii already set the record for best launch of a console their and now it’s just selling beastly.  Also note DS was the best selling hardware in Australia as well.  The GC in Australia only managed to sell about 160k.  I’m pretty sure that the Wii will pass upon that goal easily.



December 2006 North American Sales

January 15, 2007

Well I was mistaken.  VGCharts numbers for America is North America not just USA.  So I’ll be giving North American numbers from now on.  If you want to go find out NPD numbers then be my guest but North American numbers help deal with comparing back to shipments and I feel it’ll give us a better look at those kinda things.  So anyways let’s look at hardware:

System/This Month/Total

DS- 1,859,000/10,356,000
PS2- 1,662,500/43,533,500
X360- 1,248,500/5,024,000
PSP- 1,077,000/7,537,500
GBA- 1,008,500/40,167,000
Wii- 725,000/1,272,500
PS3- 554,500/780,500
GC- 170,500/12,488,500
XB- 6,500/15,894,000

Wow quite a month eh.   8.3 million units of hardware were sold this month in North America.  Quite amazing.  DS topped the charts with 1.86 million just barely missing 2 million for this month.  While it goes over the 10 millio mark in America.  PS2 has another strong month but not as strong as it usually has.  Yet still manages to outsell all next gen consoles though Wii and PS3 necessarily have an excuse while 360 doesn’t.  But get to that later.  PS2 has sold 43.5 million units in North America.

360 has it’s first really huge month with 1.25 million sold and gets over 5 million sold in North America.  Yet with enough shipments to get it well over PS2 sales and big games to get it enough sales really 360 has not much of an excuse for still being beat out by a last gen console.  I guess for PS2 to be beaten it has to be beaten by it’s own creator with the PS3.  PSP edged out the GBA for the 1st time in months by 70k.  It has 7.5 million sold total in North America while the GBA passed the 40 milliom mark in North America.  Wii had a little lower month than others expected with 725k.  It has close to 1.3 sold in North America.  Quite a huge launch for the system but surprising that more consoles weren’t shipped to North America.  From the looks of this it seems that 1.3-1.5 million were shipped to North America.  ANd with Japan having to have at least 1.2 million shipped another 1.3 would have to have been shipped to Europe and the rest of the world.  Will be interesting if NIntendo got it but nonetheless had the best launch out of all them.

PS3 got 550k this month with 780k total and with all the units still on shelves, bad hype, and massive shortages for awhile it still managed to best 360’s launch.  So we have finally figured out that 360 did have the worst launch and by a lot.  I’m one of those many people that do think that will come to bite them in the ass later on.    Now onto software:


Rank/Game/System/This Month/Total

1. Gears of War/X360/917,500/2,045,000
2. Guitar Hero 2/PS2/912,000/1,482,500
3. Madden NFL 07/PS2/844,000/3,215,500
4. Nintendogs/DS/840,000/4,102,000
5. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess   /Wii/598,500/1,060,000
6. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess   /GC/597,000/597,000
7. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007/PS2/555,000/953,500
8. New Super Mario Bros/DS/485,000/2,258,000
9. Call of Duty 3/X360/464,000/840,000
10. Yoshi Island 2/DS/462,500/620,500

Well Gears has a good second month which put it at 2 million alone in America.  While Guitar Hero gets 1.5 milllion total through it’s second month in North America.  Madden crosses 3 million and Nintendogs gets over 4 million.  The wii version of Zelda: TP just barely beats the GC version.  The wii version has now sold over a million in America.  That’s about an 85% tie ratio to the console.  Amazing.  Percentage wise it’s the best selling game of 2006.  COD3 for 360 has a good second month and will probably go over a million as well.  While NSMB tops 2 million and Yoshi’s Island has a good second month along with WWE: SvR 2007 for the PS2.

Some other noteable titles are Resistance which hit as the 1st PS3 title on the list at #28.  It sold 250k copies and has a total  of 328k sold in North America.   Madden for the Wii was the second best selling Wii title getting 150k and getting over the 200k mark.   Red Steel sold 128k in it’is second month and is now at 250k total in North America.   Check out VGCharts site to find out a whole listing of software sales for NA this month and check back frequently as they update after as well.

Was definetly a good month for sales.  Alot of Wii games this month sold over 100k which is definetly good.  Also the great sales of Zelda is record breaking at the tie ratio of that game.  With an amazing game comes amazing feats.  Lots of 360 titles also seem to be selling quite well such as Gears, RSix: Vegas, ect yet somehow can’t push the hardware too it’s extents.   The 360 has an amazing tie ratio of 5 games per console yet usually you don’t start seeing things this high in one region until the consoles starts to die down on hardware and increase in software.  But for that to be happening right now is not necessarily a good or bad thing.  It could be good that 360 software is just selling beastly or it could be bad as no new people are buying hardware and the people that own the console are the ones buying software.  We’ll see times to come how that figures out.

Overall DS worldwide was the best selling gaming hardware.  I don’t know the exacts but it sold between 20-25 million this year alone.  When shipments are released we’ll see exactly how much but if shipments reach 40 million by the end of 2006 then this will be one of the quickest selling gaming hardwares of all time.

Out of the consoles PS2 was the best selling console.  Worldwide the best selling game would be a tough one to figure out but my guesses would either be New Super Mario Bros or Nintendogs.  But a very good year and we’re ready to move onto 2007.  Will Wii and PS3 falter the 360’s lead when it hits competition or will the 360 keep going?  Or will Wii turn out to be nothing more than a GC in disquise in the market?  Or will PS3 be stabbing itself in the foot?  Or was 360’s lead merely a disquise of early advantage and no competition?  All these questions will be answered in 2007 and 2008.  Bring on the new years.



Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for Jan 1-7

January 14, 2007

Alright now for the first Japanese sales of the new year.  Let’s see who’s New Years Resolutions came true and who’s that didn’t.

System/This Week/Total

DS- 349,750/14,457,000
Wii- 176,000/1,159,250
PSP- 124,000/4,879,500
PS3- 70,500/543,250
PS2- 58,250/21,901,000
X360- 20,500/306,750
GBA- 5,750/16,648,000
GC- 1,250/4,016,750

Well it seems everyone got a big boost.  Actually everyone got higher except PS3.  Poor thing.  But DS comes back and pulls out a monstorous 350k.  It is at 14.5 million in Japan alone.  While Wii goes over the 1 million mark with almost 1.2 million in  Japan alone.  PSP has a pretty big week and is about to get to 5 million.  PS3 gets over 500k so far in Japan.  While 360 just crossed the 300k mark.  GBA seems it’s going to finish right beneath 17 million but a good run in Japan for it.  While GC is about dead now.

Pretty good week.  Always a good week after shortages are over.  Wii and DS numbers will continue to expand when units come as they are still selling out weekly.  Now onto software which was very amazing for Nintendo:

Rank/Game/System/This Week/Total

1. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker/DS/269,500/889,250
2. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/DS/176,250/4,604,250
3. Wii Sports/Wii/165,250/742,000
4. Wii Play/Wii/137,250/665,750
5. New Super Mario Bros/DS/134,500/4,152,000
6. Common Knowledge Training/DS/116,250/1,107,000
7. Brain Training 2/DS/106,250/4,111,500
8. Animal Crossing: Wild World/DS/100,500/4,024,750
9. Kirby Squeak Squad/DS/98,250/855,000
10. Mario Kart DS/DS/78,000/2,044,250

It’s looking very Nintendo this week eh.  DQM: J gets another 270k and next week will probably go over a million.  While Pokemon D&J continues to sell amazing and is nearing the 5 million mark alone in Japan.  While Wii Sports and Wii Play continue to be Wii’s big games both nearing 1 million alone in Japan.  NSMB and Brain Training 2 extend over the 4 million mark while Animal Crossing gets to 4 million.  Common Knowledge Training goes platinum and Kirby Squeak Squad is on it’s way.  And Mario Kart DS returns to get over 2 million.

Other noteable titles are Dragonball Z: Tenkaichi 2 debuted on the Wii today in Japan and got 70,000 in it’s first week.  Zelda: TP sold another 50k and has 340k in Japan.  The 1st PS3 game doesn’t show up until #45 in Resistance which sold 15k and total has sold about 100k.  The best selling game in Japan still for PS3 is Ridge Racer with 110k.  The 1st 360 game doesn’t pop up until #80 with Blue Dragon which has now sold more than 100k in Japan.  Lost Planet hits right behind it with 50k so far in japan.  Definetly not a chart for next gen competition or handheld competition against Nintendo.  I expect this to keep continuing for quite awhile with DS and Wii having the big Japan games to come.


Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for Dec 25-31

January 14, 2007

Well they are finally here plust next week’s which I’ll do in a few posts.  But let’s see how all the consoles faired in their last week of the old year.

Console/This Week/Total

DS- 178,750/14,107,250
Wii- 110,500/983,250
PS3- 73,500/472,750
PSP- 72,000/4,755,500
PS2- 42,750/21,842,750
X360- 17,750/286,250
GBA- 3,750/16,642,250
GC- 750/4,015,500

Well Wii and DS drop mostly due to shortages while PS3 gets up a little yet still unable to outsell the Wii.  The Wii ends the year with just under a million sold in 4 weeks while the PS3 in 9 weks can only manage under 500k.  Tisk tisk especially when we know their are PS3’s on shelves.  But obviously they want DS and Wii.  PSP jumps up due to some software and X360 stays normal for itself during holiday season.  And the rest is as usual.  Heres software:

Rank/Game/System/This Week/Total

1. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker/DS/619,750/619,750
2. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/DS/114,750/4,428,000
3. Wii Sports/Wii/98,750/576,750
4. Wii Play/Wii/85,250/528,500
5. New Super Mario Bros/DS/78,500/4,017,500
6. Common Knowledge Training/DS/77,500/990,750
7. Brain Training 2/DS/71,750/4,005,250
8. Animal Crossing: Wild World/DS/55,500/3,924,250
9. Seiken Densetsu 4/PS2/55,500/219,250
10. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops/PSP/55,000/216,750

Well Dragon Quest Monster Joker beasts up the charts with over 600k in it’s fist week.  But did we expect any less.  Pokemon D&P stays up in there and nears 4.5 million just in  Japan.  Wii Sports and Wii Play also keep representing the Wii with both over 500k in Japan.   NSMB hits over 4 million along with Braint Training 2 this week in Japan.  While Common Knowledge training nears the million mark.  And Animal Crossing in it’s 58th week is still up their in the top 10.  It nears 4 million as well.  And PSP keeps it’s Metal Gear game in their while PS2 keeps it’s lone game in their also.  Very Nintendo owned here haha.

It’s looking really good for Nintendo in Japan while not so great Sony and never MS.  PS3 has still yet to have one game in the top 10 and it’s been 9 weeks.  Not good at all.  DS continues to own the country while Wii is following in it’s footsteps.   Alright last weeks I’ll post next to get us all caught up.


Next Gen Sales Wars

December 31, 2006

So who in here followed next gen wars and for “accurate estimates” for awhile thinking they were right but in the end just new they were wrong.  Well your not alone.  I’m going to come right out and say next gen wars estimates are way way off on trying to get actual sales rather than shipments.  Their PS3 and Wii numbers are a little to low while their 360 numbers are coming close to exceeding shipments.  I don’t know if there is bias or just plain ignorance causing that but they are wrong.

Luckily good old VGCharts does this also and they seem to have more “accurate” estimates that not only fit with their sales they provide but fit with shipments given by the companies themselves quarterly.   So here is a nice pic showing their next gen numbers:


Definetly a lot more reasonable.  Cause next gen wars for Wii for instance if accounted in just the launch sales of all the places plus Japan up to now you’d get right about 2 million.  And with Europe, America, and the rest of the world selling beastly Wii’s that already shows their Wii numbers are off.   But This is definetly the closest to accurate you’ll find on the internet.  So keep checking back here and at there site.  I’ll update everytime there is a chance.  ANd also they are doing it for the handhelds.  Right now the DS has sold 35.56 million copies worldwide compared to the PSP’s 19.12 million sold worldwide.  As you see in montly and weekly sales DS is apsolutely crushing the PSP and pulling away at a very quick pace.  So for update worldwide actual sales estimates with shown divided territories VGCharts is the place.


Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for Dec 18-24

December 31, 2006

Ah well it’s that time again.  Yea sales.  Once again all sales will be from VGCharts so do enjoy.  You can check out their site in my links on the front page.  So let’s start with hardware and man was it a beastly week for hardware:

Console/This Week/Total

DS- 498,750/13,934,500
Wii- 286,500/859,000
PSP- 141,250/4,679,250
PS3- 81,500/400,500
PS2- 49,750/21,798,000
X360- 18,500/269,000
GBA- 4,500/16,638,750
GC- 1,250/4,014,750

Definetly quite a week for Nintendo topping the charts with it’s next gen handheld and console.  DS almost hit 500,000 while Wii almost hit 300,000.  DS is about to hit 14 million worldwide while Wii is about to become the 1st next gen console in Japan to get over a million.  PSP had a huge jump thx to Metal Gear game which you’ll see in a moment.  PS3 stayed about the same and so did 360.  GBA and GC are hanging in there.   Now let’s go to software:

Rank/Game/Console/This Week/Total

1. Pokemon Diamond Pearl DS– 387,000/4,357,250
2. New Super Mario Bros DS– 167,500/3,930,500
3. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops PSP– 163,250/163,250
4. Kirby Squeak Squad DS– 159,750/737,000
5. Seiken Densetsu 4 PS2– 156,000/156,000
6. Wii Sports Wii– 156,000/484,250
7. Jump Ultimate Stars DS– 147,500/509,500
8. Wii Play Wii– 140,250/450,250
9. Love and Berry DS Collection DS– 137,000/752,500
10. Animal Crossing: WW DS– 131,000/3,989,750

Ah again we see the dynamic duo that is Pokemon combine for the lead this week.  The 2 games have already garnered in 4.3 million just in Japan.  The game still hasn’t released in America and Europe yet.  Pokemon may have been an awful TV show but hell it makes a great RPG.  New Super Mario Bros continues it’s long run in the top 10 and is also about to hit 4 million in Japan alone.  Metal Gear for the PSP puts it a title in the top 10 and gets quite a bit of sales.  Kirby Squeak Squad keeps up it’s great sales.  Expect it to hit over a million in Japan also.  A new PS2 title makes it’s way in and the Wii Sports and Wii Play keep up the high sales.  Both are about to pass 500k and expect both to easily hit more than a million in Japan.  And you’ll also see Animal Crossing make it’s way back into the top 10 as it’s jsut about to pass the 4 million mark.

Other noteable titles are Twilight Princess was at #22 and sold 50k.  It has now 250k in the country.  PS3 makes it’s first title with Armored Core 4 at #27.  The game sold 35k in int’s 1st week.  360 also makes it’s 1st title in with Lost Planet which hit at #30.  The game sold pretty well for a 360 title in it’s 1st week with 30k in sales.  The top publisher for this week was Nintendo with 2.01 million games sold.  2nd went to Sega with 263k.  Always has been Nintendo ownage in Japan for software.  Next week we’ll a little drop but still extroardinary sales out of our consoles noteably the Wii and DS.  Also had a big game or 2 drop this week really haha so look for that mid next week.


November 2006 US Sales

December 28, 2006

Yea I’m a little late on the punch for this one and December sales for America should be released sometime next week but hey here’s November.  I did say that I’d give both but only for hardware.  I’ll just give VGCharts for software as I have a lot more and better list from them.  So relate the software back to VGCharts numbers not NPD’s.

Console/This Month/Total- VG Charts

DS 1,037,500/8,497,000
PS2 783,500/41,871,000
GBA 759,500/39,158,500
X360 567,500/3,775,500
Wii 547,500/547,500
PSP 465,500/6,460,500
PS3 226,000/226,000
GC 82,500/12,318,000
XB 5,000/15,887,500

Console/This Month- NPD

NDS – 918,000
PS2 – 664,000
GBA – 641,000
360 – 511,000
Wii – 476,000
PSP – 412,000
PS3 – 197,000

Not a real significat difference but as you can see VGCharts seem to run slightly higher than NPD’s.  Whichever you go buy it still has same places.  Anyways DS owned this month topping at 1 million.  While followed up by the still hot PS2 not hindered by the next gen consoles.  And GBA is still completely raping the PSP.  Poor PSP.  While Wii and 360 fight for the top as top selling next gen console but because of shortages 360 barely gets the edge.  While PSP has a boost but still not enough to half NDS or touch GBA.  While PS3 rounds it out at 200,000 due to shortages.  Onto software which remember is from VGCharts.

Rank/Platform/Game/This Week/Total


1. 360 Gears of War – 1,126,500/ 1,126,500
2. PS2 Final Fantasy XII- 1,026,000/ 1,026,000
3. PS2 Guitar Hero II- 570,500/ 570,500
4. Wii LoZ: Twilight Princess – 461,500/ 461,500
5. DS Nintendogs- 433,500/ 3,262,000
6. PS2 WWE S vs R 2007- 398,500/ 398,500
7. 360 Call of Duty 3- 376,000/ 376,000
8. PS2 Need For Speed: Carbon- 349,500/ 349,500
9. PS2 Madden NFL 07- 286,500/ 2,371,500
10. DS Pokemon Ranger- 233,500/ 233,500

Alot of new titles made the list namely Gears which topped the charts.  Though suprisingly did not sell a lot of hardware with it.  Weird eh.  Guess all who had the console were going to get the game.  FFXII just barely gets beat out while Guitar Hero and Zelda: TP have a huge opening month.  Nintendogs trio continues to sell like a beast passing the 3 million mark now in America.  COD3 360 version has a really good 1st week also.

But do take notice that Zelda: TP was bought by almost all buyers of the Wii in America.   That was an 85% buy rating of the game.   Nothing short of amazing.  Lot of big titles released in November so big sales were sure to come.  I expect almost all these titles to beat them sales out in November.  Hardware will also be great month.  Sales next month are going to be amazing so be sure to tune in for that.  By the way if you ever have any software you want to look up that isn’t shown here check out VGCharts site.  It has some great software round ups in there.


Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for Dec 11-17

December 27, 2006

From here on out I’m going to try to post sales from 2 different sources. For Japan those would be from Media Create and VGCharts. Both are very respectful in their areas and I feel both should be shown. Both have very similar numbers but still slightly different. Unluckily today I will jsut show VGCharts numbers. Remember you can check VGCharts out here for all there wonderful sales numbers:


So as always let’s start with hardware:

Console/This Week/Total 

DS- 324,500- 13,435,750
Wii- 100,500- 572,500
PS3- 72,500- 319,000
PSP- 51,500- 4,538,000
PS2- 42,250- 21,748,250
X360- 18,000- 250,500
GBA- 3,750- 16,634,250
GC- 1,250- 4,013,500

Alright as you can see DS took another week with amazing sales in December as it always does. And just last week it topped over 13 million in Japan after just 2 years. It’s on a role to pass the PS2 very quickly. Many think it could do it easily this time next year. Also it’ll have no problem passing GBA this year which’ll die out just under 17 million in Japan. After that DS has only one more to pass and that’s the original Gameboy which topped out at over 31 million in Japan alone. But to pass the best selling gaming hardware ever will take a beastly amount of sales. Anyways Wii took 2nd once again and has passed the 500,000 limit. The goal for Wii sales at the end of the year in Japan was 1 million. Would be quite impressive if they can hit that number but odds are they want. Just too many shortages. PS3 on the other hand is starting to finally pick up on shipments in Japan and pick up sales each week. Look like it’s going to be all out war in Japan with the PS3 and Wii. Will it turn out DS vs PSP style or GC vs PS2. We’ll find out.

PSP jumped and so did PS2 yet they are still quite low for this time. GBA and GC jumped with it’s small numbers and 360 significantly dropped without a big release. 18,000 at this time is quite sad. If anyone does think that 360 is doing quite well in it’s 1st year out in Japan do take note. After a year released in Japan for the original Xbox it had sold 336,000 units. 360 is actually doing worse. And just as you thought MS could get your hopes up in Japan actual data crushes it like a bug. Anyways on to sales:

#/Game/Platform/This Week/Total

1. Pokemon Diamond / Pearl DS 225,500-3,970,250
2. Rockman Star Force DS 106,750-106,750
3. Kirby Squeak Squad DS 96,750-577,250
4. Shiren Mysterious Dungeon DS DS 89,000-89,000
5. New Super Mario Bros DS 81,750-3,763,000
6. Jump Ultimate Stars DS 73,500-362,000
7. Love and Berry DS Collection DS 73,500-615,500
8. Wii Sports Wii 72,000-328,250
9. Common Knowledge Training DS 71,500-852,250
10. Wild Arms 5 PS2 70,500-70,500

As you can see DS ownage throughout the charts taking 8 spots. The lone not Nintendo platform game goes to Wild Arms while the lone next gen title is in Wii Sports which climbs to amazing sales looking at Wii hardware sales thus far in Japan. Other sales in clude #11 which was Pokemon Battle Revolution which took in 69,750 in it’s 1st week. Wii Play also sold well this week at #13 and has sold 310,000 total in Japan thus far. Zelda: TP went all the way back to #30 but still strong sales overall with 205,000 copies sold in Japan.

The supposed hit X360 title Blue Dragon fell all the way back to #41 only saling 15,500 in it’s 2nd week to give it 88,750 units sold total in the country. The PS3 entered the charts with Motorstorm in it’s 1st week at #32 and got in 21,250 in sales.

Overall in Japan it seems to be nothing but handhelds and Nintendo that sales. If you look at publisher totals Nintendo is always on top in Japan with large leads over the rest. Also NIntendo handhelds are the new thing as it’s even hotter than the playstation brand. And right now the only next gen console saling hardware and software wise seems to be the Wii. Although PS3 is trying to keep up Nintendo could run away with this if all goes according to play. With 360 already out of it and Sony struggling with shipments it could be nothing but Nintendo in Japan for quite awhile in handheld and console.


Xbox 360 Impressive Launches

October 18, 2006

So the Xbox 360 seems to be a solid console with even a more solid software lineup.  The console has been launched in all the major regions meaning America, Europe, Japan, and Austrailia.  The Xbox 360 just saw its launch in South Africa and India and it is doing extremely well in those areas.  By the end of the year the Xbox 360 will be available in 36 countries, more than any console in the history of gaming in a single year. Exact sales for India and South Africa so far should come in at the end of October.

September 2006 US Hardware and Software Sales

October 16, 2006

So have yall missed me.  Yea things is my only excuse.  Otherwise I have none.  So what’s better than to jump back in with sales.  And here’s the  monthly one for America.  Let’s start with hardware as wew always do:

NDS – 403,435
PS2 – 306,517
360 – 259,458
GBA – 177,145
PSP – 153,353
GCN – 42,286
XBX – 6,495

Ah DS continues to own everywhere in the world.  I think the DS is simply unstoppable.  AS this week it gets back over the 400,000 mark due to a lot of big game releases.  The PS2 also continues to beastly outsell the 360.  But as always the best thing is the GBA outsells the PSP in America for the second week in a row.   And GC also continues to outsell the wasted Xbox.  But I still think it’s the Nintendo handhelds that get the kudos for this month with a combined sales of almost 600,000 units.   Now I’ve got some interesting software sales breakdowns so everyone knows all the great stuff:

Rank/Console/Game/# of Units sold/Revenue 

1. PS2 Madden NFL 07 – 613,021 / $31.3M
2. 360 Saints Row – 455,342 / $27.2M
3. PS2 LEGO Star Wars II – 349,616
4. NDS Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue – 285,311
5. 360 Madden NFL 07 – 245,602 / $14.6M
6. GBA Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red – 219,923
7. GCN LEGO Star Wars II – 170,019 / $6.6M
8. XBX Madden NFL 07 – 166,192 / $8.2M
9. NDS Star Fox Command – 137,620
10. NDS New Super Mario Bros. – 134,954
11. PS2 NBA Live 07 – 125,637
12. 360 LEGO Star Wars II – 113,366
13. XBX LEGO Star Wars II – 109,510
14. PS2 Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus – 101,054
15. 360 Test Drive Unlimited – 96,804
16. 360 Dead Rising – 89,472
17. NDS Mario Hoops 3 on 3 – 89,072
18. PS2 Okami – 86,676
19. PS2 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – 81,916
20. PSP Madden NFL 07 – 81,888
21. 360 NBA 2K7 – 81,417
22. PS2 Guitar Hero – 81,274
23. PS2 NCAA Football 07 – 80,152
24. 360 Enchanted Arms – 79,971
25. 360 NBA Live 07 – 77,203

Xbox 360 Top Software

1. Saints Row – 455,342
2. Madden NFL 07 – 245,602
3. LEGO Star Wars II – 113,366
4. Test Drive Unlimited – 96,804
5. Dead Rising – 89,472
6. NBA 2K7 – 81,417
7. Enchanted Arms – 79,971
8. NBA Live 07 – 77,203
9. The Godfather – 64,089
10. NHL 07 – 50,523


Top 15 DS

NDS MARIO HOOPS 3 ON 3 – 89,072
(NDS NINTENDOGS combined – ~87,000)
NDS MEGA MAN ZX – 38,701
NDS SUPER MARIO 64 DS – 26,737

Top 15 PSP

PSP MADDEN NFL 07 – 81,888
PSP NASCAR 07 – 14,260
PSP NBA LIVE 07 – 13,078

That should be a beastly enough breakdown.  So let’s start off with the top 25.  As you can see it’s still all Madden but Sanit’s Row jumps on in there for a good second.  Then look at the 2 pokemon games up there.  Who said Americans don’t like Pokemon.  Someone lied haha.  But yea interesting.  Check out the 360 software sales with Saint’s Row beasting it up.  Then look at the PSP and DS software sales.  See how much better DS software is selling in America.  Yep go DS.  Just don’t know what Sony is going to do with that PSP eh.

But it’s a very interesting month but next month is where the fun begins and then the month after that will be simply amazing.  The holiday season has begun and at full blast.


Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for Sept 18-24

October 5, 2006

Ah gosh I really need a reminder for sales haha.  Unluckily my source for Best Buy sales didn’t update them but still always got the wonderful world of Japan.  Now with Pokemon being released the week after this one sales are bound to be a little lower but let’s check em out:

Nintendo DS Lite – 139,835
PS2 – 32,673
PSP – 23,118
Game Boy Advance SP – 2,145
Game Boy Micro – 1,186
X360 – 1,109
GameCube – 763
Nintendo DS – 316
Game Boy Advance – 20
Xbox – 8

Ah not much different but X360 did come back up to 4 digits.  Sad that we have to be happy for it doing that.  Simply sad.  Other than that things stayed pretty much the same except PSP and PS2 took each other’s place.  Other than that still DS ownage.  Onto software:

Rank/Game/Units sold/Total Units Sold
1. PS2 Minna no Tennis 87,814 / 314,790

2. NDS Final Fantasy III 56,596 / 712,129
3. NDS New Super Mario Bros. 56,045 / 3,136,171
4. NDS
Gintama DS: Yorozuya Daisoudou 39,737 / NEW
5. NDS Brain Training 2 34,879 / 3,221,750
6. NDS Animal Crossing: Wild World 25,617 / 3,256,171

7. PS2 Rurouni Kenshin: Enjou! Kyoto Rinne 24712 / 99720
8. NDS Tingle RPG 23,168 / 114,208
9. NDS Cooking Navi 22,504 / 488,462
10.NDS Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 22,100 / NEW

Ah so the PS2 titles continue to stay at the top yet still rest is owned by DS as it took 8 slots.  Overall all the same and FFIII is really pushign the 1 million mark.  But next week it’s going to be all pokemon and all DS.  It is stated that the Dead Rising game is supposed to make the top charts but I dont’ see that happening.  We’ll find out.  I personally think DS will simply own the charts.


Nintendo Raises DS and GBA Sales Forecast

October 5, 2006

Ah and if the Nintendo Handheld combination hasn’t owned the hell out of the competion enough Nintendo is raising the sales forecast again.  Nintendo has raised it’s sales forecast from this year from 17 million to 20 million.  Which now puts there goal of 32 million units sold by March 2007 to 35 million.  They also raised the sales that they’d sale 82 million software units for the DS.  They also raised the sales total of the GBA by 32% to 3.3 million units sold this year.


Damn that is incredible.  After 2 years and 3 months Nintendo is predicting 35 million units shipped and sold.  Incredible.  And the GBA is still kicking.  3.3 million units in a year is quite impressive for a handheld released almost 10 years ago.  Overall Nintendo is ruling the handheld market.  I really don’t think the PSP can keep up especially in software which is what slaes the system.  With 20 million being sold each  year and taking the market they could easily reach 100 million units sold in the coming years and may even overtake the best selling gaming hardware ever, the Game Boy.


Pokemon a Beast in Japan in 1st Week

October 5, 2006

The 2 new Pokemon Games, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, released in Japan on Sep 28.  Over 2 million were said to be shipped or 1 million for each.  In it’s 1st 4 days 1,568,360 were said to be sold in Japan.  Diamond sold 813,237 copies while Pearl sold 762,029 copies.  Always wondered how one sales more than the other.  Usually the hardcore fans by one of each but I guess the ones just goign to buy 1 just chose Diamond more I guess.  Overall this is insane.  These 2 games will each sale more than a million each by next week and easily reach 3 million in less than 4 weeks.  Japan definetly loves Pokemon and when online for the 1st time for the easily accessible setup for the Wii this game will be huge.  I’m just curious to how many DS’s it sold along with it.  We’ll find out soon.



Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for Sept 11-17

September 27, 2006

Now on to our favorite country, Japan, for even more great sales.  As always let’s start with hardware:

Nintendo DS Lite – 134,885
PS2 – 34,189
PSP – 26,995
Game Boy Advance SP – 2,330
Game Boy Micro – 1,244
X360 – 928
GameCube – 630
Nintendo DS – 478
Game Boy Advance – 27
Xbox – 7

Not much different but X360 falls into triple digits.  Really early for it to be doing that.  Especially seeing that it’s getting sold out by 2 next gen handhelds, 1 last gen console, and 2 versions of a last gen handhelds.  Not good at all.  Other than that pretty much the same all around except PS2 saw a rise in sales.  Onto software:

1. (PS2, SCE) Minna no Tennis – 226,976
2. (PS2, Banpresto) Rurouni Kenshin: Enjou! Kyoto Rinne – 75,007
3. (DS, Square Enix) Final Fantasy III – 57,057 / 655,533

4. (DS, Nintendo) New Super Mario Brothers – 53,089 / 3,080,126

5. (PS2, Capcom) GOD HAND – 48,280
6. (DS, Nintendo) More Brain Age – 34,959 / 3,186,871
7. (PSP, Bandai Namco) Ridge Racers 2 – 28,232
8. (DS, Sega) Atama Scan – 27,890

9. (DS, Nintendo) Animal Crossing Wild World – 24,792 / 3,230,554
10. (DS, Nintendo) Cooking Navigator – 20,766 / 465,958

Woah DS got knocked down to only 6 top ten slots and lost it’s top 2 spots.   And a random PSP title.  Wow what happened.  But a few big games just released there and got there fair share of sales.  Other than that pretty much the same all around.  FFIII is still on it’s way to 1 million and is at a great pace to do it in it’s 4th week on the market.  Other than that sales pretty much the same all around.  NSMB soon going to be the best saling DS game in Japan.  That would be quite a feat seeing how well AC:WW has sold.  Tune in next week for more great sales and we should be getting the September America sales soon.  Possibly by late next week.


Best Buy Software Sales for Week Ending Sept 16

September 27, 2006

Haha gosh yall got to start reminding me on sales or I’ll just skip right over them.  Not a very interesting week but more of the same.  Check it:

1. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PS2)
2. Madden NFL 07 (PS2)
3. Star Fox Command (DS)
4. New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
5. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (GC)
6. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Xbox)
7. Madden NFL 07 (X360)
8. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (X360)
9. Mario Kart (DS)
10. Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Alright maybe a slight difference.  Now theres the Lego Star Wars ownage.  Only left 2 Madden titles in the top 10.  And the GC Lego Star Wars outsold the Xbox and 360 ones.  Now that’s awesome.  Star Fox Command jumps up a bit and the regular DS games stay in but AC:WW returns for the first time in awhile.  Sweet.  So maybe I lied haha.  Quite an interesting week.  We’ll see what can surprise us all next week.


Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for Sept 4-10

September 19, 2006

And a not so average day for sales last week in Japan haha.  All in all sales have been flucuating quite a bit.  But still who reigns again in Japan.  Haha they haven’t once been out of 1st in 2006:

Nintendo DS Lite – 113,831
PSP – 29,141
PS2 – 19,882
Game Boy Advance SP – 2,104
Game Boy Micro – 1,801
X360 – 1,094
Nintendo DS – 1,058
GameCube – 696
Game Boy Advance – 13
Xbox – 5

Haha did you get that trivia right.  If you did you get a cookie.  Now although sales are down a little bit from the normal 170,000 it still gets in more than 100,000 and continues to do so.  Just crazy eh.  Also it seems that the broken PS2 replacement was at a minimum this week haha as says my source haha.  Other than that the GC dropped a little and the DS Phat rose in sales.  ANd for old times sake the Xbox is out of the nothiness and back into single digits.  Haha but now let’s move onto software sales:

1. (PSP, Bandai Namco) Tales of Phantasia Full Voice Edition – 66,263
2. (DS, Nintendo) New Super Mario Bros. – 53,011 / 3,027,038
3. (DS, Square Enix) Final Fantasy III – 49,475 / 598,476
4. (DS, Nintendo) Mogitate Tingle no Bara Iro Rupee Land – 32,792
5. (DS, Nintendo) More Brain Age – 32,054 / 3,151,912
6. (DS, Nintendo) Shaberu! DS Cuisine Navi – 25,458 / 445,191
7. (GBA, Nintendo) Rhythm Tengoku – 24,676 / 148,108
8. (DS, Nintendo) Animal Crossing Wild World – 24,027 / 3,205,762
9. (PS2, Sega) Phantasy Star Universe – 20,431 / 140,633
10. (DS, Nintendo) Mario Basket 3 on 3 – 20,372 / 288,136

And a very slow week indeed for software in Japan.  But yet who still takes the top 10.  Well DS came in with 7 titles.  Still owing the boards but a new PSP title pushes New Super Mario Bros off it’s #1 spot.  But New Super Mario Bros becomes the 3rd game in Japan to have more than 3 million sales.  Now that’s a feat.  FFIII approaches 600,000 as it could become the 2nd 3rd party DS title to go over a million in sales.  Other than that pretty much no difference and DS games still owning.  Should be once again similar for the next few weeks but indeed interesting.  Can’t wake up for the pickup in October and November.  Ah gets me excited.


Best Buy Software Sales for Week Ending Sept 9

September 19, 2006

Ah and once again I fail in getting these things in earlier. Gosh just forget about sales even though I love them so much haha. Anyways pretty crazy week over at Best Buy. Haha let’s see how crazy it was:

1. New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
2. Madden NFL 07 (PS2)
3. Madden NFL 07 (X360)
4. Brain Age (DS)
5. Saints Row (X360)
6. NASCAR 07 (PS2)
7. Mario Kart (DS)
8. Star Fox Command (DS)
9. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PS2)
10. Tetris (DS)

Haha woa Madden taken out of it’s reign. Now that’s interesting. ANd not only that but only 2 versions remained in the top 10. But it was definetly the DS games taking the cake this week. Probably mostly due to the 2 for 1 deal for DS games. Also Star Fox comes in it’s first week and makes top 10. And Saint’s Row drops dramatically from it’s 1st week. A few other games and you can see how weird this one is haha. But as we all should praise New Super Mario Bros takes it’s kingship back at #1. Haha people are definetly wrong in thinking Mario isn’t as big as it used to be. Cause as far as I’m concerned Mario is still one of the biggest titles in gaming. Keep up the good job Mario.


August 2006 US Hardware and Software Sales

September 13, 2006

Ah now here’s what I like.  Basically this is exact sales of all the hardware and software sold in that one month.  Let’s check out hardware as always first.  Who took the crown?

NDS – 278,000
PS2 – 262,000
360 – 204,000
GBA – 156,000
PSP – 146,000
GCN – 41,000
XBX – 9,000

Ah and again the DS takes the crown.  Gosh what isn’t it taking the crow in.  It outsells the PS2 by 16,000.  And for another time the PS2 continues to outsell our next gen console X360.   But I think the most amazing thing this week and something we need to have a celebration on is that not only 1 Nintendo handheld outsold Sony’s handheld but 2.  The GBA outsold the PSP by over 10,000 units.  Now that’s something to party about.  Also in our dead current gen consoles GC continues to outself the Xbox but not surprised.  Next month should really not change much in sales but the month after that will be massive.  Q4 2006 is what we are waiting for and I can’t wait.  Now onto some software sales:


Software Per Console
PS2 – 4,750,000
360 – 1,571,000
XBX – 1,412,000
GBA – 1,182,000
NDS – 1,083,000
GCN – 1,045,000
PSP – 876,000

Just something interesting that came along with the sales.  As you can see most software is being bought on the PS2 then the X360 but look at Xbox.  Haha probably due just to Madden but it still got some software going.  And GC still getting over a million a month.  But for god sakes the PSP.  Someone want to tell me how PSP is selling more games and units in America over the DS with numbers like this in software and hardware.  Haha of course we all know why shipments for Sony never represent their actualy sold.  Haha way to count unis in warehouses that haven’t been shipped yet.  But above the point.  Anyways on to the top selling games:


1. PS2 Madden NFL 07 – 1,012,000
2. 360 Madden NFL 07 – 569,000
3. 360 Dead Rising – 337,000
4. XBX Madden NFL 07 – 253,000
5. PS2 Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus – 200,000
6. NDS New Super Mario Bros. – 179,000
7. PS2 NCAA Football 07 – 160,000
8. PS2 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – 102,000

Ah can’t deny the power of Madden now can ya.  Of course not.  And look at Dead Rising getting a piced of that Madden action.  Haha football players may be able to take everyone else but they sure do run away from Zombies.  Haha also NSMB stays in with strong numbers and also the game has now sold 1.2 million copies just in America.   Now I have some more detailed sales for the 2 handhelds if anyone wants to go deeper with those.  If ya do just leave me a comment and I’ll put it in the post.  Otherwise this is the main thing.  As you can see DS continues to top all 3 markets.  Will the ownage ever stop?  Who knows but I think when Wii and PS3 come out they’ll have something to say about that ownage.




Best Buy Software Sales for Week Ending Sept 2

September 13, 2006

And once again a very late post on this and gratefully sorry.  Haha but still a grand day at Best Buy as for once it’s not Madden at the tops.  Who took it’s reign?  We’ll find out now:

1. Saints Row (X360)
2. Madden NFL 07 (Xbox)
3. New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
4. Madden NFL 07 (PS2)
5. Star Fox Command (DS)
6. NCAA Football 07 (PS2)
7. Enchanted Arms (X360)
8. Madden NFL 07 (X360)
9. Brain Age (DS)
10. Madden NFL 07 (PSP)

And the GTA ripoff for the 360 takes 1st place with quite a bit in sales.  hard to take down Madden but it did.  Saint’s Row was actually quite a big hit in all of America so I guess people don’t care if it’s a ripoff of GTA or not as long as it’s like it.  Our 2 DS games stay in there while a new one joins the party, Star Fox Command.  Along with 4 Maddens and a lone X360 that fills our top 10.  Now we’ve been seeing all these sales from Best But over the month of August.  How will they rack up into the final totals in America.  Find out in the next post.


Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for Aug 28-Sep 2

September 13, 2006

Haha once again gratefully sorry for the slow return of these sales.  Gosh I’m just not on the ball this past week eh.  But really an interesting week as DS continues to stay on top of things.  And finally that increase in sales I’ve been promising for the DS.  That was caused by the release of the Black DS Lite:

1. DSL – 228,939
2. PSP – 27,499
3. PS2 – 22,703
4. GBASP – 2,751
5. GBM – 1,791

6. 360 – 1,250
7. NGC – 855
8. NDS – 320
9. GBA – 22

10. XBX – 0

Ah now there is your increase.  And increase of over 50,000 then what you normally see each week.  Yea I was expecting an explosive increase but hey it’s almost holiday seasons and that’s when we’ll see possibly 1 million in one week sold for the DS.  That’ll be beastly.  Eveyrthing else pretty much stayed the same but we must congradulated the Xbox being the only console ever to sell 0 consoles twice in 2 seperate weeks.  Haha the record before was held by Xbox with 1 week haha.  Pitiful.  Probably sold negative due to returns.  OH poor MS and their Xboxes.  Just get no respect over there.  Anyways over to software which pretty much stayed DS and Nintendo centric except for the #1 title:

1. Phantasy Star Universe – PS2 – 120.202 – (120.202)
2. New Super Mario Bros. – NDS – 72.763 – (2.974.027)
3. More DS Brain Training – NDS – 46.662 – (3.119.857)
4. Final Fantasy III – NDS – 45.949 – (549.001)
5. Tingle RPG – NDS – 45.496 – (45.496)
6. Nintendo DS Talking Cooking Navi – NDS – 35.689 – (419.733)
7. Mario Hoops 3-on-3 – NDS – 34.001 – (267.763)
8. Animal Crossing : Wild World – NDS – 32.605 – (3.181.735)
9. Rhythm Tengoku – GBA – 28.361 – (123.432)
10. Tamagotchi Connexion Corner Shop 2 – NDS – 27.540 – (458.474)

ah and the new Phantasy Star game that came to the PS2 takes the top.  Ah have that every now and then when one of those games come out but 8 more slots went to NIntendo and 1 to GBA.  Pretty much as always a Nintendo Japan.  New Super Mario Bros continues to sell beastly and next week will pass the 3 million mark. while all our favorite DS games continue up there.  FFIII drops down dramatically from it’s 1st week but I expect it to keep at an even pace until it gets to 1 million.  Next week really shouldn’t be too much different but I’m always up for surprises.  Be another great day to see the 3rd DS game in Japan hit the 3 million mark.  With it’s overall sales in Japan that’s quite a feat.