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Beautiful Katamari Canned For PS3; Goes to Wii?

June 30, 2007

New rumor started by IGN is that the PS3 version of Beautiful Katamari has been canned by Namco Bandai.  And now they are hard at work making the Wii version while also keeping the 360 version.  The stated reason is the poor sales of the PS3.  Could this be a trend for PS3 games to continue to follow by big Japanese developers?




Tales Games to Wii an DS?

February 19, 2007

New in rumor mill is that games in the Tales series are coming to the DS and Wii. Check it:

Tales of Phantasia 2 to DS, 2d gameplay, to be announced

– Tales of the Abyss remake for Wii, due out May in Japan

– Tales of (the) Harmony heading to Wii, Sequel to Tales of the Abyss, start of Harmony takes place 10 minutes after end of Abyss

So a sequel of Phantasia for the DS and is supposed to be coming with 2D gameplay. Then a remake of Abyss for Wii and then a sequel fo Abyss called Tales of Harmony to come which is set 10 minutes after. Sounds good to me. Tales of Syphonia was quite a big hit on the GC so why not. Hopefully Namco will confirm this to be true this week.



Galaxy Christmas? MP3 and MK: A online?

January 22, 2007

Well for a very slow weekend we have some exciting Wii rumors for you. Coming from the South African Gaming Network are these juicy rumors:

Alright first up, perhaps the most anticipated Wii game for 2007, is that promises of Mario Galaxy in the spring are not going to be kept. The game will be pushed back to Christmas 2007…

The first Wi-Fi enabled game for the Wii is going to be the New Metroid for which will be coming sometime between April and June. Finally, cannot wait! According to the employee the Infrastructure for the Wii online is ready, so it is rather disappointing that they are taking so long to implement such a system. Not everyone at home plays games, such as half my family. The Internet lets you join up with “gamers” and play the game to its fullest. I believe that this is not Nintendo’s fault though but rather the developers not wanting to opt for the option!

Finally the best for last, or rather the rumor that if true could change the beat em up genre, Acclaim is secret;y working on Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Online for Wii. What a game this will be, All in all, we are pretty sure about the first two and the third one is still very much an Uber Rumor!

Ooh let’s go over. Now it would be kinda dissappointing to see Galaxy pushed back to Chrismas but think about it. Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy hitting up holiday season 2007. Hell that duo there is bigger than any game duo out there. One could come out in November and the other in December. That would be the killer APS Nintendo needs to end on a good year.

But now let’s look at the mid year. If Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was the first online game to come that would be fricking sweet. Seems that Nintendo will be opening their online this Spring. I mean I would definetly agree that the 1st 2 rumors are true because why else would Metroid have been pushed back. To be the first game with online and I hope it’s true. But notice the wording on all this once again. The first to use Wii’s online infrastructure. I’m really starting to think that Pokemon Battle Revolution wasn’t using that infrastructure but let alone just on it’s own server or what not.

The final rumor is one that ties in with another we just had that Mortal Kombat Armageddon for the Wii will be online enabled this April. Just ignore the Acclaim thing as it was either a typo or misconception.  Ooh definetly some good rumors to keep the weekend flowing. Let’s hope word on all this come soon. In the coming months will be interesting to hear from Nintendo when they finally start to talk about their online gaming network. And with this lineup going into 2007 it’s going to be a great year for Nintendo.


MK: Armageddon Wii Rumor

January 20, 2007

Just a lot of juicy Wii rumors lately eh.  This one is definetly going to turn a few heads. Check it:

Hot on the heels of their recent press release confirming that MK Armageddon has in fact shipped more than 1 Million copies worldwide since its release last october Midway has confirmed the European release date as Friday 15th March 2007.

Promising to use the intuitive contol system on Wii, MK Armageddon looks set to be a smash hit. It will be the first title to utilize Nintendos Online System and the first fully fledged fighter to be released on Wii in the Pal territory. A nice position for Midway to be in indeed.

Well now that seems great.  So in Europe it’ll release in March so that means here in America will probably release at about the same time.  But it’s the online thing that has me going.  This could be huge not only for Midway but fans as well.  How to make a title that hasn’t sold well on Nintendo consoles before.  Give it the 1st fully fledged use of online to them.  That would really help them out.  If true then Nintendo is really doing good at restoring old ties.

But I like the wording of first to utilize the Wii’s online system.  I thought Pokemon Battle Revolution was.  Did I miss something here or was that game more along to fit the online aspects of the DS because it ties in so well with Pearl and Diamond.  I guess we’ll find out soon.



Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Rumor

January 20, 2007

We’ve heard it all about this game at least in rumors.  But this one takes the old rumors and completely flips it around.  This one is suggesting that UC isn’t a sidestory of all the games but an actual chapter in the series:

– The Bio Hazard series on Wii is NOT a side story game, it is a main stream series game
– Story is straight after Code Veronica (so Code Veronica -> BH Wii -> BH4 -> BH5)
– 3 main characters
– Jill is confirmed, 2 others still not confirmed
– Rumour is that Wesker is the other unconfirmed character
– Game system follows BH4

Well now I dont’ know which I like better.  I was kinda happy that it would go throughout all the games filling in story but this would definetly be good then.  I seriously can’t wait for this game just as much as I can’t wait for RE5.  Wish RE5 would come to Wii also but I can always dream.



Rainbow Six: Vegas Wii Arises Again

January 14, 2007

I’m telling ya all these old Wii rumors are continually starting to pop up.  Anyways this comes from a message that was emailed to a retailers about Rainbow Six: Vegas for the Wii who seems to definetly think the titles is coming:

Dear lord/Ms,

We have received your e-mail and thank you for this. The release date of the game has been postponed to March. You can reserve these by means of the web hops.

Kind regards,
Department customer service

Well we remember this popped up awhile back on Ubisoft’s own site as a title coming to the Wii and immediately after it was taken off and seen as nothing more than a mistake.  But now it’s resurfaced again it seems even more legit.  This is undergoing the exact same course as Brothers in Arms Wii and we all know that is a title coming to the Wii now.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this title coming but why so secret is above me.  Would love to see how the controls and graphics work on the Wii.  Let’s hope this one is true which I’m seeing as a yes right about now.



Sonic in SSBB Rumor Arises Once More

January 13, 2007

What’s with all the old rumors all of a sudden rising again. Anyways this Sweedish mag thinks that Sonic will be in Smash Bros.

Well could always be a typo or misconception but Sega and Nintendo’s relations have been beastly lately. I’m hoping for a yes but I don’t know if this rumor will come out to be true. But here’s to hope. Sonic in SSBB would be amazing.



Animal Crossing Wii Rumors

January 13, 2007

Alright probably one of the biggest games as of late, Animal Crossing, is also coming to the Wii.  The hit DS version sold close to 7 million copies worldwide and is still selling in places like Japan which it hit over 4 million.  So what’s a good way for Nintendo to have big sucess in Japan.  Well put it a version on the Wii too.  Big sales to come out of that.  But new rumors have popped up from the game.  Check it:

A brief chat with a local Nintendo rep led me to some interesting new facts – most notably that Nintendo is hard at work on Animal Crossing for the Wii (no surprise there, but it’s good to know it’s coming). I didn’t get too many details from the guy, but what I can tell you is that it will most definitely be online enabled, just as its DS counterpart was and GameCube counterpart should have been. As far as classic games that were included in the original, no official decision has been made yet as to if they’ll be the Wii version. The coolest little bit of info was the fact that the game will actually connect into your Forecast channel so that the game’s weather will actually reflect what’s going on outside. No release date was specified, but the rep I talked to expected that we should be getting it at some point this year.


Hmm very interesting.  Good to know it’s already deep in development.  But online better be there haha.  But I’m sure it will.  But the part about it using the Forecast channel to determine the weather would be fricking awesome.  Wow now that is an excellent way to use that channel to relate back to real time weather in games.  Would also work great in sports games too for gamedays.  But let’s all hope this rumor comes true.


Xbox 360 CES Announcments Leaked?

January 6, 2007

I haven’t forgotten about our other 2 next gen consoles haha just not my pleasure to write about them as much. But seeing it’s mainly me time to fill in with a juicy rumor. According to a Kotaku report it is rumored that the CES announcement of MS will state 10.4 million X360’s had been shipped. Also the 360 will be given the capability to run IPTV, a sort of television that delivers content over a broadband network.

Now right now they can be seen as plausible and man if the 10.4 million shipments is right as of the end of 2006 may have to start rethinking nextgenwars numbers but that’s another story. But that’s my main problem MS has been behind shipments the entire time and now all of a sudden they’ve exceeded their shipment predictions. Just doesn’t make sense. The IPTV thing would be interesting but it’s funny how MS continues to try to make the PC do things that can easily be done with a PC. Kinda clashes with their other market.

I think MS really needs to stay away from that for that reason and the reason that people aren’t going to replace a computer with a 360. Whatever way you look at it interesting rumors. This Sunday is when the announcement will take place so I’ll keep ya updated.



More Wii Rumors

January 6, 2007

Wii rumors never take a day off and especially today where a Japanese site has claimed a few of these rumors.  One I talked about just recently and the rest are all quite plauisbul especially the 4th one.  Check it out.

1. From Software is developing a “Kingsfieldesque” first-person action-RPG on Wii (sounds like an Oblivion style title)

2. Fire Emblem for the Wii will include the original Path of Radiance as well as the sequel to the game

3. NiGHTS to come to the Wii

4. Square and Disney have agreed to place the next Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo systems

5. Sword of Legendia is a spinoff of the “Tales of” series and is the first game of the “Swords of” series

Well the 1st one is definetly possible as From Software has announced support and this would just be telling what title they are developing.  Sounds interesting.  The 3rd one we talked about and the 5th one will probably excite fans of that series.  The second would be great.  But it’s the 4th one.  It seems that Nintendo might take another series away.  360 has been taking it series away from the Playstation and Wii is definetly jumping for the chance.

But Kingdom Hearts would be great on the Wii as that is one of the games I loved on the PS2.  Hopefully they’ll put the 1st 2 on and then a new one with the 3rd.  Good list of rumors there.



NIGHTS into Dreams Wii Resurfaces?

January 3, 2007

A long time ago in a galaxy fueled with Wii or Revolution rumors came one that got almost everyone excited.  And that was the possibility of NIGHTS into Dreams either being ported onto the Wii or even a sequel.  Well the magic has returned as this rumor has resurfaced.  On a recent Japanese release list by a site this game popped up as being on there.  Check out the pic:

You don’t know how much this gets me excited.  The red markings take note is those of the pic maker as he translated it from Japanese to English.  This is definetly a title I’d love to see.  This gets me really really excited.  There is a large fanbase who apsolutely loved this title and we’d all love to see it again.



Mario Party 8 Boxart?

December 26, 2006

It’s not confirmed but seems like a reasonable boxart for the game.  I like it.  I haven’t bought a Mario Party game since #4 but maybe I’ll buy this one.



Wii To Use Single Friend Code?

October 5, 2006

A rumor has been going around lately that was started by the site NIntendo of Europe.  The rumor is that Nintendo doesn’t see fit that each game should have it’s own friend code for the Wii and instead are going to use a single or individual one or basically a gamertag since you can change it to a name.  This is what a lot of people have been wanting from the Wii for a long time and I hope it’s true.  It has a real big possibility of being true and we’ll hope to hear more about this soon and hopefully a response from Nintendo on the situation.


New Forza 2 Screenshots

September 26, 2006

Although the game is only 60% visually done, FM2 already looks like a fantastic leap from the original Forza. Wheras some of the car models could not be smoothed or intricately detailed because of polygon limitations Microsoft has been able to do so much more visually this time around. Not only are the car models fantastic, but also there is alot more detail than you would think. There is a seperate engine running which enables realistic reflections of the surroudings of the car over the paint, the game will run at 60 frames a second with the reflections running at an unspecified 30-60 frames a second as well. Microsoft also told us some more information about the game, including the online support for 12 players, a new ultrarealistic physics engine recalculating 360 time a second(appropriate if I do say so myself), more realistic damage, a picture mode that enables you to put your pictures on your computer to share, and a few unknown secrets(weather effects rumored).

Brothers in Arms Wii Confirmation?

September 26, 2006

In a dutch interview it seems that there may be a possibility of a confirmation of the already expected release of the next gen Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway for the Wii.  Check out the translation which is talking about the Wii:

Leon: Ubisoft will have Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Rayman Raving Rabbids, Red Steel, GT Pro Series, Brothers in Arms and Monster 4×4 World Circuit ready for launch.

Woah very interesting.  Now Eidos have been talking a lot about the Wii and are very happy with it but bringing this huge title over to the Wii would be magnificent for a launch title.  Personally I think it’s inevitable it will come to the Wii.  We’ll just have to wait and find out.  Here’s the Gonintendo translation with the original link.



Sony To Bundle Blu-Ray Movies With Select PS3 Games.

September 23, 2006

According to, Sony may be bundling Blu-Ray movies with selected PS3 games. Industry sources have revealed that Sony will be giving out these BD movies in an effort to help the format’s acceptance with the masses. Rumor mill for now, but it sounds very likely.


Wii Virtual Console List?

September 11, 2006

According to a recent rumor there will be 26 virtual console games avaliable for the Wii launch.  Here are the 26 games:

Bonks Adventure (TurboGrafx 16)
Castlevania (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Duck Hunt (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Excitebike (Nintendo Entertainment System)
F-Zero (Super NES)
Kid Icarus (Nintendo Entertainment System)
The Legend Of Zelda (Nintendo Entertainment System)
The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (Nintendo 64)
Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)
Metroid (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mortal Kombat (Super NES)
New Adventure Island (TurboGrafx 16)
Ninja Gaiden (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Outrun (Sega Genesis)
Pac-Man (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Prince Of Persia (NES or SNES or GEN)
Punch Out (Nintendo Entertainment System)
R-Type (Super NES)
Rayman 2 (Nintendo 64)
Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)
Starfox (Super NES)
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
Super Mario Bros (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Super Mario Kart (Super NES)
Super Mario World (Super NES)
Tecmo Bowl (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Take this rumor very lightly as nothing has been confirmed but this would be a great start off list for the Wii VC.  With this and over 30 launch titles that would give us a 60 game selection from day 1.  That’s just insane.  But still a rumor and hope at the Wii events final details will be shared concerning the VC.



Super Xbox 360 On the Way?

September 9, 2006

Offical Xbox Magazine has printed a rumor that an HD-DVD drive equipped, Wi-Fi, 250 gig HDD, Tivo-esque features built in, HDMI and AV port plugins, Jet Black Xbox 360 will be releasing for $600 this holiday season. The rumor was posted in Rumor Mole, so take it with a grain of salt. OXM, however, said that one of it’s most trusted sources gave them the rumor, and they believe it.

Bogus or Not? Probably bogus, but if you would want such media-centric features, stay tuned and look out for X06, where it may(doubt it but possible) be announced.


Project Gotham Racing 4 Confirmed for Xbox 360

September 9, 2006

Peugot has recently put up on it’s website a contest allowing car designers to be able to see their design in Project Gotham Racing 4. This comes after the producer of PGR3 said that there would probably be a PGR4 with better graphics, new forms of gameplay, and alot more smoke. The winner of the contest will have the car featured in PGR4 exclusively for the Xbox 360. Bizarre has not yet responded to these rumors and is also working on a game called “The Club” which will be landing on next generation consoles in 2007 as a new type of action game.

Bogus or Not? Probably not because Peugot would be sued if they used the Xbox 360 logo(which they did) and the Project Gotham Racing name without Microsoft’s permission.

Peugot’s Website

XNA Games By November?

September 9, 2006

Maxconsole has acquired some screens of what they think could be the new dashboard of the Xbox 360 once it is updated this fall. The screens include a new XNA section, which will let you play home-brew games from a disc, or downloaded from Xbox Live Marketplace. What was interesting about the picture was that the Media and System Preferences menu were simply not there, suggesting that the 360 might have some really cool new features to communicate with Windows Vista, which is launching in early 2007.  Go here to check out the new 360 dashboard:

New 360 Dashboard 

Halo to be MMO?

September 9, 2006

Takahashi, known for his book “The Xbox 360 Uncloaked”, has recently put rumors on his blog that Halo could be MMO, and that Bungie is working on a new project after the Halo series. IGN says it’s confident their sources are correct when they say that Halo will be an MMO, which leads to many questions. Other rumors include Halo 3 will contain a persistent online war of aliens vs. humans similar to that of Chromehounds. This would prove why Halo 3’s engine has such an enormous depth of sight shown by the trailer, to create massive online wars. Bungie has not said anything, and Microsoft has taken the typical “no commect” route as well. Since IGN feels so confident that their insiders(Bungie employees probably) are correct, Halo may very well be the biggest online game ever, Halo 2 has already proven with over 500 million matches that it is the online console game to beat. We’ll have to wait until X06, TGS, or some other event to know for sure. Keep a look out for Bungie’s next project, as well.

Brothers in Arms 3 Wii?

September 6, 2006

Alright now here’s a rumor that has gotten a lot of attention today.  According to the rumor in the latest EGM there is an interview with the president of Gearbox.  ANd he states a lot of good positive things about the Wii.  The EGM people who had talked about him after the interview stated that it’s “safe to say” that a Brothers in Arms 3 version is coming to the Wii.


Once again another very visaully good looking game rumored for the Wii.  When will it stop.  But this is very credible.  Could the Wii handle BIA 3 or would it need a numbed down version.  Either what it gets BIA with the wiimote, like COD3 would be all I need.  This would definetly give COD3 some competition at launch so I hope this stays true.  If any readers have the EGM issue send me a comment if this is confirmed or not.  Otherwise still a rumor.  Hopefully Gearbox will come out and say something shortly or we’ll just have to wait til the Wii event on the 14th.


Devil Summoner Planned For PS3 & Wii.

September 4, 2006

Kazuma Kaneko, lead designer and artist on Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei series spoke to Luv2Game at E3 and stated that he has plans to bring the Devil Summoner series to the PS3 and Wii.

In his short interview he commented the next game for the MegaTen series would be Devil Summoner and we should “Probably [see it on] the PS3 and Wii. I would really love to bring MegaTen to Wii.”

As soon as something is officially announced, we will update you with the news.

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Wii?

September 3, 2006

Now this is an interesting one as it is not sure as to whether this scan is real or not but seems real. But basically this scan shows an interview with Bethesda giving the strong possibility of Oblivion Wii. Also on the scan is talks about Epic and the Wii and unlocking last gen games through the Wii. Check out this scan:

Wow pretty big statements if this scan is real. Basically it says that Bethesda is loving the Wii and that may possibly want to port it on over. Also he says that the Oblivion game could be run on the Wii with the same graphics which really may show that the Wii packs a more powerful punch. He states it’s because of the architecture which is amazing. So looks like if this is true then we may have Oblivion Wii as he’s looking to move it on to other platforms and he is in love with Wii.

Also on here Epic praises the Wii and wants to make games for it. And it states on teh bottom right side that games that are next gen can unlock other stuff in previous titles such as control with the Wiimote.

Overall don’t know what to think. This scan has yet to be proven real but if real then we may have some pretty interesting stuff as that is a lot of good stuff said about the Wii especially the hardware. Nintendo always has some kinda surpise eh. More from Bethesda hopefully soon.



Crytek Talks Wii; Crysis Wii a Possibility?

September 2, 2006

Well upon looking at this article did you ever think it was possible. Well neither did I but in a recent interview doors have been opened. Check out this piece of the intereview where Crytek, the makers of Crysis, talk Wii.

GI: It’s assumed that if you do console development it’ll be on the most powerful systems – Xbox 360 and PS3. What do you think of Wii?

Yerli: I love the Wii (laughs). When I was at E3 and playtested it, I loved it. I thought about how we could do games for this platform and what kind of games they would be, and what kind of shooters we could do on it, and work it to our own needs here. Yes we’ve had some thoughts, but Crysis is not part of the plan at this stage, but that may change.

We are a company that takes one step at a time, and once we achieve the goal that we want to achieve then we take the next step and see what the next platform we go with next. We did not decide if we’ll do PS3 at all. We have all of the development kits, and we have research going on. We have the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3, we work as researchers and test them, essentially. We have parts of these systems running because there is going to be console development in our company, but if it’s going to be Crysis or not is a step ahead of us. Because if we go to fast we sacrifice quality on PC, and I want to make sure it’s the best PC shooter we can do. With our company our goal is to make it the best shooter of all time. Once we achieve that, our achievement is we do our best and that’s it. Whether we do it our not is to be determined. Once we are there, then we’ll take the next step.

GI: Crytek is known to have made stunningly beautiful games, and while you can sort of experience them on lesser hardware, if you have the quad-SLI setup, and three gigs of RAM and a super fast processor it’s going to look incredible. With looking at what the Wii has under the hood, does that discourage you as a developer?

Yerli: No, not at all, because I think we can make great visuals by different means. Look at the PS2. Some PS2 games still look fabulous. And there are games that are just stylized perfectly. You can achieve anything with every hardware. I think it’s a matter of artistic direction, how you use the limitations. That ultimately is the experience you want to give. The experiences in Crysis drives the art direction. The experience of the frozen environments, the experience of interactivity, then we decide how we want it to come across visually. What do we need to do, how far do we need to go? With the Nintendo Wii the approach will be similar. We have this great controller, we have the limited power of the console, How we can make a confined space or large outdoor level, whatever, how can we make the best out of the controller that’s giving the experience that we want to give? Completely fluid interactivity – how can we do that? I think it would be a completely different approach, and it deserves to be as well. So, if it our decision to make Crysis for Wii, if and I don’t want to be quoted saying we’ll do it. But if – if we would do it, it would have to be a completely optimal version, but it would be great. (laughs)

Woah what a couple of questions there. Basically to summarize he states he does not plan to move Crysis off the PC but that plan not to may change. Then he discusses how he loves the Wiimote and would work wonders with the Crysis game. Then he states if he would do it on the Wii it would have to be changed a little bit to fit the hardware but it will still have a similar approach. Also as stated he does have kits for the Wii which is always good and they are looking into it.

So a possibly glimmer of hope from Mr. Yerli. I mean I love the Wii praise from him but that is from every developer. If a Wii version of Crysis does come obviously it would have to be downgraded visually and physically but that would go for the same of PS3 and X360. But with the Wiimote in that game man would it be crazy. Let’s have wishful thinking and hope Crytek really loves the Wii alot. Always a slight chance as given by Mr. Yerli.

For Entire Interview