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Gamer’s Paradise Podcast Episode 13

July 10, 2007

Gamer’s Paradise Podcast Episode 12

July 3, 2007

Daledude and I talk PS3 Launch up to E3. We laugh we cry, and run out of ideas to talk about. Enjoy:

Gamers Paradise Podcast Episode 12

Paradise Special: Game of the Genre Nominations 2007

June 30, 2007

Paradise Presents: Potential 2007 Game of The Genre Nominations

Heh, it’s been a while since Paradise has done a special. Hell, it’s been a while since there has been a post (disregarding the recent posts by Zucas, of course. Not like I wouldn’t have done so anyways… :P) Well, I’m here to tell ya… we’re back!

So, now that we’ve gotten condolensces out of the way, here’s how this thing’s gonna work. We (Paradise members) are going to take the big game genres – FPS, TPS, puzzle, platformer, RPG, strategy- and argue over which games tower above the rest in each genre. Once we feel that we have the stand-outs for each genre, we’re going to argue some more about which one beats the others by the slimmest of margins. Once that is done, we will decide the game of the year; which game towers above the rest, period.

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Seeing as we’re only half-way through the year, there’s still a lot of time for potential contenders to come down the pipe. This is why we will be implementing a “round” system. Every two weeks or so, we will update our contender list with potential contenders (games that are shaping up very well) contenders (games that have scored very well) and our thoughts on which games are serious contenders and which ones are not.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten the explanatory crap out of the way, expect to see the first round results for all genres in a week or two (or maybe even sooner if we ever agree on something)! Oh, and one last thing: Feel free to put in your own imput on potential nominations, as we may not be able to think of all of the contenders. So… see ya in a bit!

Edit: One last thing: Expect to see some of our debates translate into new posts on Gamers Paradise. So, again… see ya in a bit!

Gamer’s Paradise Podcast Episode 11: Revitalized

June 19, 2007

Alright alright I know this site is dead.  But I still love doing podcasts.  So I’m going to talk with my fellow staff members and the top and elite gamer posters at MvC, the unofficial forums of GP, and we’ll see if we can put one on.  Wait for another post to see where this is going from now but I’m hopeful I’ll still have some staff that wants to cover all the missed topic.  Covering from Wii and PS3 launches all the way to what to expect at E3 2007.  Should be big if I can work this out.  More coming in next post.


Paradise Exclusive: Bringing Back the Revolution

January 28, 2007

In 2004 the next Nintendo console, N5, was codenamed Nintendo Revolution. Since then til even the release the Nintendo “Revolution” garnered the most rumors and hype ever by any console in gaming history. Nintendo Revolution was almost an entirely different console til it’s name change of the Nintenod Wii. IN this Paradise exclusive we’ll take a trip into the past of the “Revolution.” I’ll analysize what those rumors will mean today with the Wii and into the future of Nintendo for N6. With that we’ll discover what can still be real and what is flat out bogus.


Sales Analysis: Xbox vs. X360

January 19, 2007

With all the hype surrounding the 360 it’s hard to go back and jsut look at what it’s doing better than the Xbox to get this hype. In this exclusive in depth sales analysis I will go over all the details in comparing the sales aspects of the 2 consoles into really how much better, or worse, is the 360 doing compared to Xbox in same time period. Note I may also do these for others in these comparisons which could become plentiful. So enjoy the inside look:


Elebits Review

January 1, 2007

What happens when you put unlimited interactivity with objects ranging from 1000s of different items, cute small creatures everywhere scattered within them, unreal physics, and a gravity-defying  gun that let’s you throw it all over the world.  Possibly one of the most innovative games ever created.



Gamer’s Paradise Podcast Episode 11 Comments

October 19, 2006

Yea well with me being a lazy slacker I think it’s time to have another podcast eh.  And better yet it’s this weekend on Saturday when it will be recorded.  We’ll have a couple of special guests this time but not our superpodcast team as last time.  And this time we are going back to our traditional podcast setup so yea.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t need questions.  We need to be flooded with so many comments and questions from you guys that we have to find which ones we need to use haha.  So get on that.  It’s going to be a nice podcast as we kinda go back to the beginnings of our podcasts in those setups.


Gamer’s Paradise Podcast Episode 10

October 8, 2006

It’s here finally. YEA. Yes the superpodcast has been edited and completed and is now up for download. With up to 7 people involved and 3 good hrs of great discussion it’s one you won’t want to miss. We laugh, we cry, we make fun of people not there. With all the good stuff that you expect from the Gamer’s Paradise crew to the new ideas from our great thinkers of the console wars topic. Now you can download it in 3 ways. As always you can go to Itunes and search Gamer’s Paradise and click on our section and find all the podcast. Also you can use the 3 links to below to watch it right now:

GP 10 Pt 1

GP 10 Pt 2

GP 10 Pt 3

Or for the final way I’m always trying to revive the good old blast player that we all remember. Now because I can’t post it on this site instead I’ll redirect everyone with the below link back to the good old blast player so people who don’t have or to lazy to use Itunes can now enjoy all of our wonderful podcasts, new and old, in an easy, convient podcast player.

Blast Player

With a 3hr podcast and 3 different wasy to access it who provides better service. Oh now I sound like a comercial. So sit back, grab a drink, and listen in to one of our best podcast ever.


Comments for Gamers Paradise Podcast Episode 10

September 26, 2006

This Saturday we’ll celebrate out 10th podcast. This is huge for myself and Malvolio who have watched this site grow a lot. But we knew we had to have something special then. And one of my writers and good friends gg had the best idea. I incorporated into something that would work with podcasts. With that said we have got a special for you guys. Our podcast will be done this Saturday which is after X06. Now like everyone else we are assuming we will know all about the next gen consoles. There may be some random info about things for Wii and PS3 and X360 games after but we’ll know most everything. Except Wii online and hardware but that’s another story.

So I’m a huge poster at Moviecodec. I mainly post in the Console Wars Topic in the game section. Well what we are going to do is having a superpodcast. I’ve invited not only my writers but the guys over at the topic who argue on this everyday in an almost 70,000 post topic. We will not only discuss questions by them and from readers but I’ve also written out some good discussion questions to go over. With a total of 11 people ready for the podcast you’ll have an indepth analysis and discussion on the console wars like you could get no where else on the internet. These are some of the best of the best in the internet gaming world. With our in depth look and discussions into the next gen we’ll give the best idea of the future for all 3 companies come and beyond Holidays 2006. So leave all your ideas and questions so like never before here you’ll get the largest in depth look.


Comments for Gamers Paradise Podcast Episode 8

September 10, 2006

And episode 8 is on the way. We’ll be doing the podcast on September 16, the day after the last Wii event. We have much to talk about but we need more from our readers. In the comments section put your thoughts, ideas, questions, discussion topics, ect that you want us to go over. Also any staff that want to be involved do contact me.


Paradise Exclusive: Interview with Tortus

August 26, 2006

I have done an interview with Mr. Tortus through email with the owner and keeper of the WiiNintendo blospot. On his site he talks about things such as Project Reality and RS or Reality Simulation and the Wii. He knows what he’s talking about and I asked him questions concerning those things and others. He himself does not claim to be an insider but may possibily have connections. It is yet to be known but we’ll see in the coming weeks. His knowledge of Project Reality, which is indeed a real project, is amazing which suggest he might actually have connections to a real nsider. But thanks Mr. Tortus for taking time to answering these questions. My questions and text are in bold.

UPDATE:  Alright I’m having problems putting up the interview.  For some reason it won’t transfer too well when I put it on here.  So until then I’ll give you the link to where Tortus put it up on his site.  And in the meantime I’ll work on trying to put it up here.

Interview with Tortus

A very good interview and I learned quite a bit from Mr. Tortus. Once again thank you very much for answering my questions and I’m looking forward to all of your coming posts concering the Wii and such.