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PGR4 Update

March 31, 2007

Little has been shown about PGR4 since it was announced at E3 last year. All we knew was that Peugot had a design contest and the winner will have their car featured in the game. But finally more has been revealed, and to be honest it looks like they are pushing the bar very high for racers. Probably the coolest announced feature so far is the weather engine, which looks extremely impressive. There will be snow, ice, rain, and other weather conditions which will affect the way you drive, how your car looks, and the gameplay overall.

As you can tell just by looking at the picture, this is going to really work nicely and make the game tons of fun(snow + Ferrari= tons of fun). PGR4 will also feature a new enhanced fan qualities, like a tv crew, announcers, more responding fans, and more to come. Probably a sigh of relief is that the car selection for PGR4 is going to be much more broad and populous than PGR3. There are going to be more old cars, not so exotic cars, and naturally more of the extremely expensive cars you will never drive in your whole life. The in-car view is back for PGR4, and this time it will be even more detailed, more functional(driver moves more, windshield wipers, reactions from your driver, etc), and more intense. The graphics are obviously up in the air right now, but those fellows at Bizarre sure know how to push the hardware, and we saw what they accomplished with a launch game(best looking of the bunch, never drops a frame) so I’m sure that they will continue that legacy with PGR4. The final feature is online, and apparently Bizarre is working on a new matchmaking system. Not sure what that means, but I hope for the best. Look for more on this game as soon as I can possibly get my hands on the information.


Forza 2 Update

February 24, 2007

Little information has slipped out about Forza 2 since the TGS and X06, but recently the entire Forza Website has undergone a complete transformation in preparation for some of the games new online features. And these features are really, really cool. The first announced feature that comes as no surprise is photo mode, with useds being able to take photos of their cars in the game and then being able to upload 5 photos at a time to view on their computer or download and do whatever else they could possibly want to do with them. More new online options include tournaments, similar to PGR3 you will first have to qualify to get in a tournament and then fight to the death to win the glorious trophy. And naturally there will be online scoreboards of every kind that you can also view on your computer. But I’m just getting warmed up.

Shown above is probably one of the coolest ideas ever in Forza 2. With online auctions for cars, you can buy, sell, and trade your cars not only from your 360, but also from your PC. Sellers can create custom paintjobs(the artists in the original Forza were mothing short of amazing) and lock them to the cars to make them truly unique offerings. All cars coome with a detailed history of when the car was bought, what modifications were made, even how many miles were on it(luckily for us high miles does not mean ANYTHING here), and so much more. When you buy a car, not only do you get all the add-ons that come with it, but any parts ever bought for the car will be included.

The picture above is a nice look at what you might expect from Forza 2 in visual terms. The team is testing the game in 1080p(among all the other resolutions) to make sure your eyes have a visual feast. Forza 2 will run at 60 frames a second, and from what I can tell, be absolutely gorgeous.

Turn 10 has also updated the car list which can be found here. Other new information about the game is it will have full compatability with the Wireless Racing Wheel and will(from previews done by IGN) be pretty friggin sweet. The game will come with over 300 cars but will also have downloadable content. The new physics engine is a beast and will include full damage models and many more complicated things that you the normal human being would not understand at all. The game will ship in May. Happy Racing!

What Games Until Spring

January 24, 2007

So we’re after the mad holidays and you want some games for the 360. Well here are some interesting titles coming soon:

Lost Planet(already released)

Crackdown(February 20th)

Guitar Hero 2( March)

Battlestations: Midway(January 30th)

Bullet Witch(February 27th)

Just wait until you see the Spring-Holiday lineup. Oh my.

Over Half of 360 Owners Did Not Own Xbox

January 24, 2007

A new interesting statistic has come out showing that over half of current 360 owners did NOT own an Xbox 360. This bodes well for Microsoft as that means that PS2 customers(such as myself) are picking up the console for one reason or another.

Mass Effect Box Art Revealed

January 24, 2007

Here it is:

The game is expected to release… sometime in 2007.

GRAW 2 Delayed For PS3

January 24, 2007


According to Ubisoft, GRAW 2 for PS3 will not hit the PS3 at the same time the game hits the 360 and PC. Reasons are most likely for development not being on schedule. The game is scheduled to hit the 360 and PC in Spring, and also expected to be highly successful as the original GRAW for the 360 is nearing 2 million titles sold. It is unknown how long the game has been delayed.

Gears Sells 3 Million

January 24, 2007


Gears of War hit a benchmark today being the first next gen game sold independently to hit 3 million copies worldwide. The game was top selling in November and December and looks to continue to sell 4, 5, possibly even 6 million copies. The software sales of the 360 has been very promising with Gears of War selling more so far than any Xbox game sans Halo. The game just launched in Japan with excellent reviews from Famitsu and apparently sold out there as well. Look for it on shelves now.

Blue Dragon In June?

January 24, 2007

Microsoft has been struggling in Japan, but Blue Dragon very briefly had a bright moment when about 80,000 Xbox 360s were sold in one week due to the launch of this game. Although the game is still not moving tons of hardware units in Japan, the game got very high reviews and is important in diversifying the 360’s lineup. Published by Microsoft as a 360 exclusive, Blue Dragon will probably be on North American shelves by June.

Update: PS3 Game Ripping Program Coming Soon

November 26, 2006

It seems the hackers are having a field day with the PS3, first putting PS3 games on their HDDs and playing them… and now creating an automated and FREE program to steal any PS3 game you want. Just make sure you buy big external HDDs :).

PS3 Games Exposed… and Stolen

November 25, 2006

It seems some clever hackers have found a very simple way to steal PS3 games, using a simple command via the Linux OS that puts the games content on the PS3 HDD and makes it “stealable” and able to be moved from the PS3’s HDD to a computer or any other storage device. These hackers have already stolen games suck as Resistance and Madden, and are working on ways to copy this information onto BD discs and then sell the copies illegally. Sony has not commented on the issue.

Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo

November 25, 2006

The Lost Planet Multiplayer demo is available for download now on XBL Marketplace. Some of you may remember the excellent single player demo launched during E3, and now the game has improved even more so.

Xbox Live Video Marketplace Launches

November 25, 2006

On November 22nd, Xbox Live Video Marketplace was launched in the North America. The service has rentable High Definition and SD movies that are downloaded and then deleted after a certain amount of use. Also available are new game trailers(free), and movie trailers and short clips(also free) now grouped into one section. My personal favorite are the television shows with networks like CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Spike, and Paramount shows available for download. Althought the service got off to a rough start with surprisingly strong demand(thus clogging the servers), if you contact Xbox customer service your points will be refunded. The service is running smoothly now.

Crossfire Exclusively For Xbox 360

September 27, 2006


Little is known about the game right now, but Eidos(Battlefield Series) is working on a game called Crossfire exclusively for Xbox 360.

Bioshock MS Exclusive

September 27, 2006

Irrational Games’ FPS/Action/RPG game that won multiple awards at E3 and is now only going to be fore the Xbox 360 and PC. Look for this fantastic adventure in Spring 2007.

Kane and Lynch Now Xbox 360 Exclusive

September 27, 2006

In a surprise move, Microsoft has made a deal with IO Interactive to make Kane and Lynch an exclusive game for the Xbox 360. Kane and Lynch is a gorgeous game being made by the people who made Hitman. Look for the game in 2007.

Splinter Cell 5 Exclusivity for MS Platforms

September 27, 2006

Microsoft has inked a deal with Ubisoft to bring the massively successful Splinter Cell series only to the Xbox 360 and PC platforms. Microsoft hopes to gain the European market who bought this game in stockpiles when it was originally released. Splinter Cell Double Agent will be avaiable next month for multiplae platforms, but it may possibly be the game’s last multi-console release. Look for Splinter Cell 5 in late 2007 or early 2008.

GTA 4 Coming With Two Packs Only for Xbox 360

September 27, 2006

Microsoft announced(much to 360 fan’s excitement) that GTA4 will be coming to the Xbox 360 on the same day as the Playstation 3version of the game. Then Microsoft announced there would be exclusive episodic content for the Xbox 360. Today Microsoft revealed more details of the announcement. A few months after release Rockstar will release 2 “massive” episodic content packages only via Xbox Live. These add-ons will not come with the Playstation 3 version of the game online or on the disc. GTA 4 launches in October 2007.

Cryptic Developing MS exclusive MMO

September 27, 2006


 Microsoft announced today that Cryptic will be developing an MMO with cross platform gaming on the Xbox 360 and Windows platforms. Few details were announced because they had some “secrets” to reveal later in development. It is unsure right now when the game will release.

Project Gotham Racing 4 Offically Announced

September 27, 2006

After rumors that PGR4 was already being developed, Microsoft today confirmed what everybody had hoped for. Progect Gotham Racing 4 had a brief trailer of a Ferrari running through a wireframe city. PGR4 will offer an improved graphics engine, more modes of gameplay, and more content. Look for the game either late in 2007 or early in 2008.

Halo RTS Exclusively For Xbox 360

September 27, 2006

Contrary to poular belief, Halo was not originally developed for the Xbox, and was not a First Person Shooter. It was an RTS game for the Mac. Developer Ensemble Studios(Age of Empires) is now working on an RTS in the Halo universe exclusively for Xbox 360. Little is known about the game and the timeframe for when the game is coming out is not known. I look forward to commanding wheels, and I hope you do too.

New Forza 2 Screenshots

September 26, 2006

Although the game is only 60% visually done, FM2 already looks like a fantastic leap from the original Forza. Wheras some of the car models could not be smoothed or intricately detailed because of polygon limitations Microsoft has been able to do so much more visually this time around. Not only are the car models fantastic, but also there is alot more detail than you would think. There is a seperate engine running which enables realistic reflections of the surroudings of the car over the paint, the game will run at 60 frames a second with the reflections running at an unspecified 30-60 frames a second as well. Microsoft also told us some more information about the game, including the online support for 12 players, a new ultrarealistic physics engine recalculating 360 time a second(appropriate if I do say so myself), more realistic damage, a picture mode that enables you to put your pictures on your computer to share, and a few unknown secrets(weather effects rumored).

5% of GT HD on Disc, other 95% Downloadable Content

September 21, 2006

Gran Turismo HD has been displayed as the predecessor of Vision Gran Turismo, with great graphics, weather effects, 3-d crowds, and 20 player online sessions. But there’s a catch, in a recent interview with a Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu Yamauchi revealed some downright shocking information about the game. Firstly, there will be two versions of the game, one with absolutely no cars or tracks at all, and the other with only 30 cars and a measely 2 courses. To get the rest of the content, firstly you need to have online, and secondly you are going to pay anywhere between $.43-$.85 per car and $1.71-$4.26 per course. There are 48 tracks for download, and 720 other cars available for download. This brings the total cost of the game to a staggering $500+(not including the price of the game itself). You CANNOT unlock any cars or tracks in the game, they can only be available via download. As a hardcore Gran Turismo fan, I am severely disappointed with this decision. I suggest you save your money for better things.

New XBLA Arcade Games Revealed

September 20, 2006

Peter Moore Announced today that there would be a few more additions toXbox Live Arcade.

Here they are:

  • Gyruss (Konami)
  • Rush’n Attack (Konami)
  • Ms. PacMan (Namco Bandai)
  • New Rally X (Namco Bandai)
  • Dig Dug (Namco)
  • Xbox Live Arcade is growing exponentially, with old classics and new titles appearing every week.

    Super Xbox 360 On the Way?

    September 9, 2006

    Offical Xbox Magazine has printed a rumor that an HD-DVD drive equipped, Wi-Fi, 250 gig HDD, Tivo-esque features built in, HDMI and AV port plugins, Jet Black Xbox 360 will be releasing for $600 this holiday season. The rumor was posted in Rumor Mole, so take it with a grain of salt. OXM, however, said that one of it’s most trusted sources gave them the rumor, and they believe it.

    Bogus or Not? Probably bogus, but if you would want such media-centric features, stay tuned and look out for X06, where it may(doubt it but possible) be announced.


    Project Gotham Racing 4 Confirmed for Xbox 360

    September 9, 2006

    Peugot has recently put up on it’s website a contest allowing car designers to be able to see their design in Project Gotham Racing 4. This comes after the producer of PGR3 said that there would probably be a PGR4 with better graphics, new forms of gameplay, and alot more smoke. The winner of the contest will have the car featured in PGR4 exclusively for the Xbox 360. Bizarre has not yet responded to these rumors and is also working on a game called “The Club” which will be landing on next generation consoles in 2007 as a new type of action game.

    Bogus or Not? Probably not because Peugot would be sued if they used the Xbox 360 logo(which they did) and the Project Gotham Racing name without Microsoft’s permission.

    Peugot’s Website