Lumines sales increase exponentially on Amazon… and we all know why.


As some of you have no doubt heard over the past week, Lumines has jumped from being the 796th in sales rankings to the 3rd.  What the hell could warrant such a huge jump in sales?  An exploit that allows 3.50 users to downgrade to 1.5, of course.  Known as the illuminati exploit, it requires a copy of an unpatched original Lumines and software that they provide.  While it doesn’t downgrade your PSP, it opens the gate for downgraders.  How nice, then, that shortly after this exploit hit the net a downgrader has already appeared, which happens to be 100% real as its by the same people who brought us the exploit, Noobz.  So if you’ve been itching to downgrade but you shot yourself in the foot by upgrading before you knew what the hell you were doing, then this is a godsend.

In the end, though, this is cruelly ironic, as Lumines is likely to be the last game many PSP owners will ever buy again, as the main incentive attached to homebrew is isoloaders.  Sad, but true… please, if you are planning to downgrade so that you can use isoloaders, do not bother.  Buy using isos you are killing the PSP software industry.  Developers don’t make games just for you to have fun!  They make them to turn a profit, and if nobody buys their product than they’ll cease to develop for the PSP as their next game will probably suffer the same fate.  So please buy all of your games, and if you do use an isoloader only use it for games you already own.


One Response to “Lumines sales increase exponentially on Amazon… and we all know why.”

  1. zucas Says:

    Agreed. I’ve very strong against anything using to cheat out of buying actual games or copying and saling them for your own profit. I don’t respect anyone who does that.

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