Real Heroes: Firefighters Announced for Wii


Epicenter has announced a Wii exclusive title about the wonderful world of fighting fires. Here’s the briefing:

“Combining our unique fire tech with the specific strengths of the Wii was a natural choice for us as we designed Real Heroes. The Wii-mote makes spraying down fires with your hose, hacking down doors with your axe and prying victims loose from wrecked cars with the Jaws of Life an absolutely visceral game experience.” – Epicenter CCO Bryan Jury

Well when I saw the wiimote the last thing that I was thinking about was using it to put down those vicious fires.  But maybe they’ve got a hold of a good concept.  In essence the game would work perfectly for the Wii but as we’ve learned it’s more than just having a good concept but you need to have a strong work ethic and passion to make these games good.




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