PGR4 Update


Little has been shown about PGR4 since it was announced at E3 last year. All we knew was that Peugot had a design contest and the winner will have their car featured in the game. But finally more has been revealed, and to be honest it looks like they are pushing the bar very high for racers. Probably the coolest announced feature so far is the weather engine, which looks extremely impressive. There will be snow, ice, rain, and other weather conditions which will affect the way you drive, how your car looks, and the gameplay overall.

As you can tell just by looking at the picture, this is going to really work nicely and make the game tons of fun(snow + Ferrari= tons of fun). PGR4 will also feature a new enhanced fan qualities, like a tv crew, announcers, more responding fans, and more to come. Probably a sigh of relief is that the car selection for PGR4 is going to be much more broad and populous than PGR3. There are going to be more old cars, not so exotic cars, and naturally more of the extremely expensive cars you will never drive in your whole life. The in-car view is back for PGR4, and this time it will be even more detailed, more functional(driver moves more, windshield wipers, reactions from your driver, etc), and more intense. The graphics are obviously up in the air right now, but those fellows at Bizarre sure know how to push the hardware, and we saw what they accomplished with a launch game(best looking of the bunch, never drops a frame) so I’m sure that they will continue that legacy with PGR4. The final feature is online, and apparently Bizarre is working on a new matchmaking system. Not sure what that means, but I hope for the best. Look for more on this game as soon as I can possibly get my hands on the information.


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