Tales Games to Wii an DS?


New in rumor mill is that games in the Tales series are coming to the DS and Wii. Check it:

Tales of Phantasia 2 to DS, 2d gameplay, to be announced

– Tales of the Abyss remake for Wii, due out May in Japan

– Tales of (the) Harmony heading to Wii, Sequel to Tales of the Abyss, start of Harmony takes place 10 minutes after end of Abyss

So a sequel of Phantasia for the DS and is supposed to be coming with 2D gameplay. Then a remake of Abyss for Wii and then a sequel fo Abyss called Tales of Harmony to come which is set 10 minutes after. Sounds good to me. Tales of Syphonia was quite a big hit on the GC so why not. Hopefully Namco will confirm this to be true this week.




4 Responses to “Tales Games to Wii an DS?”

  1. Shadow Says:

    Will all of my existence I hope this is true. But frankly, its not. A Tales game due out in May would have been announced a while ago, and with Symphonia 2 and Tales of Vesperia on their way, its worse then unlikely. But to high he** I still hope its true, I’m a huge fan of Tales of the Abyss.

  2. nothere413 Says:

    I hope to god there ends up being a sequel to Abyss. But, I want it on the PS3.

  3. Catherine Klingenberg Says:

    Tales of the Ayss was areally good game. It’s just as good as Final Fantasy VII, I really hope a sequel will come out, except on the ps2.

  4. ananamous Says:

    i swear to god ,if they do make a remake and sequel for abyss, i will punch namco in the face if they put it on PS3…360 would be nice though…wii,graphics would be pretty much thesame though…

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