IGN-Suda 51 Interview on No More Heroes


Here’s one of the most interesting reads in awhile.  Suda 51 talks about his upcoming title on the Wii and lets out some pretty interesting things like this:

“No More Heroes is violent as well, but it is different from Killer 7…We prepared some missions besides the regular levels.  For example, there are missions where players volunteer to pick up trash, a real boring part time job as a stamper, and an incomprehensible job like human bowling…(game will support 480p and Widescreen)…(regarding Wii hardware) I think that it is probably best to forget and abandon the existing game design know-how once you develop for Wii.  I feel that Wii enables developers to create new types and styles of games.”

“We are tuning up No More Heroes to be simple and comfortable, but exciting and refreshing as a game.  The game has a unique sense of humor and I hope fans will be excited about and look forward to it. ? I’ll also try my best to make No More Heroes as violent, or even more violent than Manhunt 2! “

Wow to be more violent than Manhunt 2.  That’s saying a damn lot.  Man I can’t wait for this game now.  Both those games haha.  Here’s the full interview with lots of other juicy details on Suda 51’s upcoming Wii exlusive.

No More Heroes Interview



One Response to “IGN-Suda 51 Interview on No More Heroes”

  1. Random J Says:

    This game looks like it’s gonna rock socks! I never played Killer 7, the mixed reviews put me off – but I’ll be picking this up regardless. The kind of game Wii needs.

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