Paradise Exclusive: Bringing Back the Revolution


In 2004 the next Nintendo console, N5, was codenamed Nintendo Revolution. Since then til even the release the Nintendo “Revolution” garnered the most rumors and hype ever by any console in gaming history. Nintendo Revolution was almost an entirely different console til it’s name change of the Nintenod Wii. IN this Paradise exclusive we’ll take a trip into the past of the “Revolution.” I’ll analysize what those rumors will mean today with the Wii and into the future of Nintendo for N6. With that we’ll discover what can still be real and what is flat out bogus.

So to start this whole breakdwon off let’s get an order. First I’ll start off with some major rumored games over the time period such as Xenias, Guts N Glory, Joy of Lights, ect. Then I’ll move into some hardware rumors including ones rumored after console got it’s new name, and then I’ll move into the ultimate rumor that is Nintendo ON.

So let’s start with one of the most well known and hyped up games to ever be graced in Revolution Rumor hall of fame: Xenias. This title has definetly gotten around. With many different origins it’s traveled through the old rumor databanks of Aries and Seriousgamer hyping up gamers all around. Although no one knows what the actual solid details on the rumor we do know a little definite background. Xenias is supposed to be a game in development by Retro Studios. It’s a futuristic Sci Fi Shooter about a living battle suit is what I believe was supposed to be the final determined storyline. The game is supposed to support amazing gameplay while also redefining online genre. But what generated the most hype was in the lines of halo- destroyer. And from the rumors it could have done it easy but to be a halo-killer especially with Halo 3 coming out it would really have to be some major amazing shit.

Now there are many things that have popped up in the past that show this rumor in actuallity. One was a bunch of PC concept art shots showing pics of the gameplay. Now about 8-10 of them most of them were actually created by someone to win a contest. Yet there were a few of them that weren’t apart of that. Thus going deep back into rumors. Another thing that popped up was an ATI Tech Demo supposedly showing the game. You can easily find this on youtube by searching Xenias Nintendo. Yet simply still staying as an ATI tech demo no one really knows if it has anything to do with Xenias at all. Finally an article was supposedly written about the game calling it the “Ultimate Game”. You cna read taht here.

Just scroll down to you see ultimate game and you’ll see a very intriguing article about it. Now any game with that would be none the less revolutionary yet is this rumor more fitting to the name than actuality. And the rumor for Xenias was that it would release in 2007. Well there is no sign of this whatsoever. That is where another rumor comes in. That Xenias is actually called Neptune 4. The game is set to release in 2009. So whether Xenias or Neptune 4 the depths and intrigues to the game would be amazing and definetly a sure buy from most Wii owners.

So the question is was this rumor nothing but hype and false talk or is this something that could really happen. Well there are lots of things to support it as bogus but even more to support it as real and that is why my final decision is that this game has a good chance of being real. There are many reasons behind this. First of all Nintendo doesn’t have one killer online title in the form of a shooter. Hopefully MP3 will fullfill that but we are talkign more along the lines of Halo. This game Xenias would fullfill that perfectly. Teh second thing is Nintendo wants to support to all gamers and all genres and all ages. Thsi would be a perfect game for it’s hardcore gamers and really show off the online capabilities.

But the final thing that makes this rumor so believable is that Retro Studios after MP3 will have nothing left to do. We know they aren’t just going to sit there. So why not this. Of course it could be any title from old to original but this would fit Retro Studios after MP3. I’d say lookout after MP3 releases for an announcment of another Retro Studios. Even if it’s not this game there will be another. But I have my hopes and likes up for it being the legendary old title Xenias.

So Xenias was definetly the biggest rumored title but easily the most amazing title rumored was Guts N Glory. The game got it’s origins from so many different places that I can’t even begin to list it all but mainly showed up in an early interview supposedly with Martin Hollis that all of a sudden got leaked. Never confirmed but seemed legit at the time. Now the final backstory that is most likely the game is that you play as a Russian KGB spy named Vigo Sevgorsky. Probably not spelled right but I’m not Russian haha. Instead of playing a character that just does what you tell him Vigo will actually be a real human being to you. Whatever you make him do he’ll react like a real human being. Basically Fable x100 haha. The game is supposed to open a new genre in Intense Action and to be rated AO. It is also rumored to have amazing graphics and 98% real to life physics.

Now the rumors surround it can be seen as kinda crazy but just go with the game concept and the creator. It’s supposed to be Martin Hollis of Zoonami. A little background history of Zoonami will let you know they have yet to release a title. They’ve been a company for 7 years. Teh rumors behing GnG is that it’s been a logn development game obviously. And if you go and check out Zoonami’s site you’ll notice the setup is like that of spies hence our main character. You’ll also notice quotes in there. That is from teh Art of War by Sun Tzu. A little history will let you know that the KGB followed a lot of the teachings from this man and this book.

So really without a doubt the leads to this are almost amazing. Marting Hollis also has strong relations with Ninendo so most definelty the title would be for Nintendo. So could this title be on the Wii. This is the only title that I can say that i’m 90% sure that it is a real title and being made for the Wii sooner or later. 7 years production, site fits the rumors, and Marting Hollis has good relations with Nintendo expect Zoonami to let the bag out on this game. Not promising anything but it’s definetly quite possible. Keep a sharp look out.

The final Big Game that was very much so rumored was definetly “Joy of Lights” as it was codenamed. This game was supposed to be a survival horror from Capcom and Clover set in the 1800’s. You are at a camp and all of a sudden a bunch of mysterious things start happening til you realize your being terrorized by a Cannibol.

Now many are thinking well this was obviously bull because Clover is dead. Well that may be true but look how Clover died. From production costs being too expensive. Possibly this is what caused it. But that doesn’t mean the game is dead. Capcom and Mr. Mikami probably still ahve it and it may still be coming. But right now it’s a 50/50 for this one.

There were a lot of smaller titles that were rumored for the “Revolution” yet most of them never had a chance or have already been announced. Thus if you know of any other rumored games most likely they were false.

Let’s move onto hardware. The first most noticeable hardware rumor was superpowered Revolution. Yet we all know that isn’t true. According to most devs it can do more than the Xbox and that’s it. So that totally obliterated taht rumor yet still like the GC it surprised us on what it could do. Maybe the Wii with the same architecture can do the same thing. Another hardware thing was a camera built into the system. Well having a Wii has shown that bogus.

Another big rumor was that there would be a mic in the controller. Well that’s obviously not true as well. Most hardware rumors for the Revolution were completely bogus and I really can’t think of any others that even stand a chance.

So finally we move to Nintendo ON. This kinda died out in early 2006 seeing that it had been proven a very well made fan video. But if you have any common sense you know everything about what Nintendo ON has been proven to be is almost impossible. But here’s my take on Nintendo ON. That it is very much a project by Nintendo and will either be revealed to us as an attachment to the Wii in late 2010-2011 timeframe or will be for N6.

As for N6 it’s definetly going to be a huge console for Nintendo. With the new gen coming through Nintendo will definetly combine new gen and next gen for the ultimate experience better than teh competition while revealing it’s reality concept through Nintendo ON. If Wii doesn’t have the market by the end of it’s lifecycle N6 will take it easily. Nintendo was looking to the future while MS and Sony weren’t. That’s going to pay off in teh end while the others will become outdated.

The Revolution rumors definetly were abundant and sorry I could give in depth detail for really anything other than the games but that’s how the cookie crumbles. Expect Wii to do great things and N6 to completely explode into gaming goodness.



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