Medal of Honor: Airborne Wii Still Alive


Well when Vanguard for the Wii was announced we all thought that that was going to be the Wii version of the game while Airborne would only be for 360 and PS3.  Well EA thought differently.  Instead Wii will be seeing 2 version of Medal of Honor in 2007.

“EA assues us that the previously announced Medal of Honor: Airborne title is still in the works for a 2007 Wii release, but vanguard will lead the charge for Medal of Honor on March 26th.

Woah haha that’s jsut amazing.  So Wii will get MoH: Vanguard this March and then later on in the year will also get Airborne.  Sounds good to me.  MoH is my favorite WW2 series so I’m definetly content.  Glad to see EA supporting the Wii heavily.  That’s always great.




4 Responses to “Medal of Honor: Airborne Wii Still Alive”

  1. Hiroshama Says:

    Sounds good.

  2. zucas Says:

    Yep now Wii owners get 2 MoH’s. Sweet.

  3. sam Says:

    totally sounds fun

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